Ireland in total LockDown, over 500,000 jobs Lost, Lives sadly Lost, yet no Government. What really is Annoying people now is the cliff edge Silence of Sinn Fein. Surely Mary Lou can make a Speech by Internet (Zoom) or to RTE, and Reassure the People, SF will fight for Change in Irish Politics, after all that is what the People Voted For?

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MaryLou McDonald needs to Awaken from her Isolation and give the People who voted for SF HOPE, in these Dark Times. Young people are becoming Agitated being Locked up in their homes on a daily basis for over 3 weeks now. The Garda presence is Visible, but they must behave, yes the Cops, in a Professional manner.  We need no Heavy handed tactics or unwanted crises could Erupt with perilous implications? Pearse Doherty spoke on Sean O Rourke yesterday, sadly he lacks the Presence of a Leader, nice guy, but you need Grit and fluent Speaking, not Waffle. Not once yesterday, did he Challenge the two parties having the secret Talks in keeping SF out of Government. Why, well ask Pearse? He then went on to say Simon Harris is a nice fellow, and doing not a bad job in the present climate, Wow, lack of Experience. Pearse is brilliant in sorting out the Car Insurance and other matters but he is not Leadership material yet. Time is a great Teacher? In the meantime we have the Stooges trying to form a Government, Leo and Michael, and I say to Labour’s Alan Kelly thread very Carefully, do not forget Alan, when big Phil Hogan threw you under the bus re the infamous Water Charges. Ireland needs Change, not the Tired old Faces of Civil War Politics, Fred


Just Announced that Alan Kelly is now leader of the Labour Party.  He is leaving the coalition to Micheal Martin FF and Leo Varadkar FG – he must be in the loop of Fred Bassett…too much to lose.  Truth is FF and FG must face their ghosts; it is now time to enter Detente and accept Sinn Fein as part of the three parties that can lead this country through these most harrowing times due to a totally unpredicted global pandemic which has brought the world to its knees since Wuhan, China, a wet market, a bat infection transmission to human, determined a virus called COVID-19 coronavirus mid-December 2019.  April 4th 2020 1 million of our human race affected and we are talking exponential.  Every country is now impacted.  The World is at war but this time it is not the Spanish flu 1918, it is far worse – it the coronavirus COVID-19.  “WWC”.

Essential part of Learning Curve of Pandemic; listen to facts about America from a journalist, Chris Hedges, who is a writer and has life experience working in war zones.

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