When will Martin and Leo form the Infamous Grand Coalition, without Sinn Fein? Alan Kelly said No, Greens I think say No, so Where from here for Dumb and Dumber? The Circus begins, bring in the Clowns?

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Ordinary People in the front line of our Health System, and our Police, and other Charities, yet it is too Dangerous for the Dail to Meet, it Shows the Contempt this Shower of Politicans hold for their own People. We need a Government urgently, today is the 5th of April, the Election was held on February 8th. What really does this tell the People of Ireland?  I repeat myself again, the People of Ireland have Voted for Change, yet they sadly will end up with the Grand Coalition,Dumb and Dumber.  It is a Difficult Question, which one is Dumber?  Go on Michael, say it, go on say it, your new potential Political Bed Partner is?  The only option or route that the Dumb and Dumber can take now is to look at the motley crew of Independents; the parish pump politicians and these gombeen men are as cute as King Brian Connors in the film Darby O’Gill and the Little People.  Can one imagine Leo and Micheal sitting down with Frank and Jesse James, aka the Healy-Rae’s and looking for their vote for the Rainbow Coalition.  Can you imagine the size and quantity of favours the two cute Kerry men would demand?  I would estimate it would take a juggernaut to pack in all the favours from Kerry to Dail Eireann.  Then in the middle of all this you have the other TD’s but one stands out because in my opinion he is bright, clever and has the ability to speak his mind and this is Galway’s Noel Grealish and we know he is no fan of Micheal or Leo.  The other Independent TD who comes to mind Verona Murphy and she was badly shafted by Varadkar and removed from the FG ticket.  Verona is now back with her Independent seat in Dail Eireann and Varadkar the FG failed leader (5th count) will have to go on his knees, bowl in hand and blow kisses at her.  Would you believe I will have to look up the other Gombeen men, who don’t come to mind at present.  Fitzmaurice however comes to mind.  He is a bit around the edges but he is a decent and committed type of Gombeen.  To add to this, sources inform me that the FF party at present is not a happy place to be because there is a little insurrection boiling and a number of TD’s who I will not mention (but people know) are about to come together, at least seven of them, but they need more in numbers to oust Martin.  This means that Micheal, the bitter Corconian, who holds a deep contempt for Mary Lou has problems and ambushes down the road.  Varadkar has similar problems because Michael Noonan in Limerick wants him out immediately and Paschal the Pet Parrot in as FG Leader.  Also, I am hearing the PR spin from Leo’s Hub already that he is the greatest leaders since Lemass and Lynch and he a Blue Shirt for the way he is handling the national and global Pandemic.  This just shows you the amount of PR around Leo and it also shows the length he will go to spin his ego to Planet Pluto and back.  There is a longer road to go on this story and I will finish by saying:  let us all wait and see how many Clowns and Gombeen men form this Government or Circus whichever way you look at it, without Sinn Fein (Mary Lou McDonald).  Fred

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