We all hope that there will be no trouble in Kilkee over the weekend, a heavy Garda presence sadly will be necessary if Trouble, or Drunken Behaviour Erupts?

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Kilkee locals plead for visitors to stay home during Covid-19 pandemic


Locals in Kilkee were out with signs across the day on Sunday trying to turn visitors away in an attempt to flatten the curve and prevent the potential spread of coronavirus in their area.

Placards with a variety of messages including ‘Is your journey necessary? Stay home and stop the spread of Covid-19’, ‘Stay home. Save lives’ and ‘Stay home. Stop the spread’ were held aloft by residents of Kilkee along the N67.

“Members of the local community felt so threatened by the amount of traffic heading in to our small town this afternoon that they took to the streets to protest and received abuse for doing it,” Cllr Cillian Murphy (FF) outlined.

He said Kilkee “was crazy busy” on Mother’s Day. The county councillor had also heard reports of picnics being held at the Bridges of Ross and spotted plenty of cars, campervans and cyclists all making the journey to West Clare.

Cllr Murphy added, “It’s really not appropriate at this time to travel anywhere outside of where you live, it’s for a few weeks and it’s for the common good. Stay at home”.

Fred, it sadly it not Ignorance here, it is pure Arrogance, and no Respect for fellow Human Beings. Where from here?  Sources inform me the Yuppie Clowns will not be allowed back for two weeks. It will be a Tense weekend in Co Clare?

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