Michael Martin is the weakest link in Fianna Fail, he failed the party at the last Election, now he plans to Shaft several FF seasoned TD’s who will not agree with the new FF Image, get into power with the Bitter enemy, no not SF, but the Blue Shirts. FF are about to erupt from within, according to my sources, the Clowns he has lined up for Cabinet duties are beyond the words: Muppets go Bananas!

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Nothing like a Muppet morning meeting …

Robert Troy, Jack Chambers, Eamon O Cuiv, Stephen Donnelly, John McGuiness, and others are out in the cold, and the new Talent in FF is Niall Collins and Failed TD now Seanad Lisa the Queen B Chambers. As I am writing this I am trying hard to keep sane in the midst of the havoc being wreaked? Donnelly had big plans for his Political career, he left the Social Democrats for bigger pastures, now he is put back to the Wicklow hills to graze.  When you have talent like say the Kerry or Dublin football team, you put out your best players – it may be hard at times, others will feel let down, but those are the hard decisions a strong leader must make.  Martin, in my opinion, privately is a nice human being but politically he has turned into a very bitter Corkonian Cobra.  When you have TD’s like Eamon O’Cuiv, McGuinness and even the young Jack Chambers you use their talents to the best interests of the party and the country.  But is not the route of Micheal Martin.  Martin selects the people who are in his inner circle and these people, again in my opinion, could not run a cattle mart in Tubercurry with or without the Ram. 

I have written on several occasions about Martin’s bitter hatred towards Sinn Fein and especially Mary Lou McDonald and this eventually will not just take Martin down but it will destroy the entire FF party.  We are in dark times with hundreds of lives lost in this ruthless Pandemic called coronavirus COVID-19 and this is the reason we need seasoned and capable TD’s like O’Cuiv and McGuinness.  Even Bertie Ahern would agree with this.  Niall Collins may be a nice guy but to me personally and I am now talking politically – he is a complete and utter Clown and he proved that while buzzing Timmy Dooley in the BuzzerGate Scandal.  If this is the calibre of a FF Minister in waiting then Micheal Martin most definitely needs a brain transplant.  Then we have the Rose of Moncoyne Chambers, who lost her seat; was rejected by the people of Mayo and Martin has her lined up for a Cabinet post.  This is really the Irish version of the Muppet Show.  I know FF overall don’t have much sparkling talent but Martin is really starting to take the piss now and if this was a football match, well I think the result is Obvious!  Let the Muppet Show begin says Fred but the sad thing about this Muppet Show will be when it all comes crumbling down it is the Irish people who will be the biggest losers.  Fred

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