In the middle of a Global Pandemic,the Message from the Whistleblower below is quite Shocking, putting lives at Risk.

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Message from a Ryanair worker …
I work for Ryanair, we had a charter flight yesterday out from Dublin to Sofia (Bulgaria), the flight was chartered by and paid for by Keelings in St. Margarets, Co. Dublin. The flight flew out from Dublin empty and came back in with a full compliment of passengers, 189 in total. There was no social distancing on board, putting all the cabin crew at risk, there was also 200 bags in the hold of the aircraft putting the ground handling agents at risk.
All passengers on board were holding letters from Keelings stating that they were coming to start work picking strawberries for them. As a member of staff still working at Dublin Airport, I find this quite unsettling for myself and all my work colleagues as it’s putting us at risk and extra stress which we should not have to deal with it during this time of Covid-19, I alone have a wife and kids at home and an elderly mother that I can pass on C-19 to without knowing, same as most of my other work colleagues.
None of these passengers have/are getting medical clearance, plus they won’t be self quarantining for the next 14 days, they’ll be heading straight to work.
I don’t know how interested you are in knowing this but I just wanted to highlight it to you as it just shows the likes of Ryanair and Keelings are only worried about money and not staff health and safety, this was not an essential journey for any of these passengers.
I don’t mind if you bring this to peoples attention but I ask if you could keep me anonymous, if you do bring it to anyones attention. We have a clause in our contract that we be disciplined upto and including dismissal for sharing stuff on social media or to the news companies.
The flight number was FR6015 SOF – DUB, full 189 passengers on board and the aircraft that operated the flight was EI-EVP, flight date 13/04/20 and arrival time 15:05.

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Addendum 21st April 2020:  It is not that UK citizens are too lazy and not willing to work; it is more to do with the hours the Romanians and other Eastern Europeans are willing to work, the paltry sum that satisfies their needs; the poor conditions they live in.  The market dictates but its method is pay Europeans who can do manual work and live in deprived conditions.  How can the ordinary English citizen compete?  What is truly amazing is that Brexit has made no impact on limiting cheap labour from the EU to UK in these most turburlent of times COVID-19.  Ireland as can be seen from the above whistleblower is also engaged in risk-taking and chartering flight loads of East European’s into farm jobs in Ireland.  I wonder if the same work rules apply to them as in the article below for the UK.

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