As lone parents go hungry, Hundreds of Bulgarians fly in Unvetted. Why I ask again? Rumour has it that there is an Afternoon Tea Dance tomorrow at the Burlington Hotel. Many would love to see Mary Lou doing the Tango with Leo, and then Michael. What a Thought? Then we might as well throw in Eoin O’Brion dressed up as Lady Ga Ga, what a Sight…….? When will we form a Government with the wishes of the people adhered to? Sinn Fein: Universal Basic Income is now an Essential.

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Dear Fred,

As the inspiring leader of Sinn Fein, Mary Lou McDonald TD (11223 first preference votes in Dublin Central) put it recently, ‘the war is over’.

Now we must win the peace and celebrate a new Ireland where sectarian divisions are at an end. A dance at the Burlington to the tune and exciting rhythms of ‘Hello Mary Lou’ (Ricky Nelson, 1961).ought to have universal appeal in the Isle O Dreams.
The English Parliamentary Party congratulates Sinn Fein on its historic victory in the 26 counties in the election of 8 February 2020.
The era of civil war politics is at an end. Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have both been resoundingly defeated in the electoral system introduced by the British to thwart Sinn Fein in 1918..
Just look at the First Preference votes on 8 February 2020 quite apart from those of Mary Lou McDonald.
Perhaps Fred Bassett will comment on this in his brilliant blog.
Kind regards,
Gerald Morgan OM FTCD (Leader: English Parliamentary Party, 2001)


Dr Gerald Morgan, FTCD (1993)
Lydbrook School (1946-1953),
Monmouth School (1953-1961),
Meyricke Exhibitioner, Jesus College, Oxford (1961-1964),
D.Phil. (Oxon.), 1973
Director:The Chaucer Hub.
© Provided by Extra.ieChildren have gone hungry because lone parents were denied access to supermarkets, a single-parent advocate has said.Parents are being verbally abused for bringing their children shopping, Karen Kiernan, CEO of One Family said.In recent weeks, some supermarkets have come under fire after they prevented children from entering their premises despite being accompanied by their parent or guardian. This prompted the Government to ask retailers to use a ‘common-sense’ approach when it comes to allowing children into their stores.Yesterday, a Government spokesman emphasised that children can be allowed into supermarkets, while others are cautioning families not to use a trip to the supermarket as a day out for all the family.______________________

______________________But Ms Kiernan, CEO of One Family, told the Irish Daily Mail that many lone parents have had traumatising experiences when attempting to shop with their children. ‘We’ve had many parents say that they’ve been turned away at the door of supermarkets after queuing with their kids,’ she said. ‘Some stores had very negative signs about their policies, which resulted in a lot of parents being verbally assaulted by other shoppers.

‘There are even cases where families were left hungry because they were not able to do their shopping.

a person                     posing for the camera: Parents are being verbally                     abused for bringing their children shopping, Karen                     Kiernan, CEO of One Family said.© Provided by Parents are being verbally abused for bringing their children shopping, Karen Kiernan, CEO of One Family said. ‘Thankfully, more supermarkets are now adapting a more understanding approach to parents,’ she said.

Ms Kiernan added that she ‘greatly welcomed’ the issue being raised at yesterday’s Government press briefing. ‘Parents are only bringing their kids out shopping because they have to,’ she continued.

Speaking at the Government press briefing yesterday, senior civil servant Liz Canavan said: ‘All the essential workers in this effort deserve our thanks. However, I am concerned that some measures implemented with the best of intentions have been making it difficult for some families to safely access supermarkets. I want to be clear that the advice allows for small family groups, including children, to shop together as needed.

a woman standing in front of a store: The                     Government has asked retailers to use a                     ‘common-sense’ approach when it comes to allowing                     children into their stores. Pic: Getty Images© Provided by The Government has asked retailers to use a ‘common-sense’ approach when it comes to allowing children into their stores. Pic: Getty Images ‘I would urge all retailers to be conscious of the different circumstances of all kinds of families and to use a common-sense approach when it comes to admitting them into shops.’ Meanwhile, retail union Mandate has pleaded with parents not to use their shopping trips as ‘family days out’. General secretary John Douglas told the Mail that while most people are observing the guidelines, complacency is starting to become a concern.

‘We’re weeks into this pandemic and customers are starting to get a little blasé about falling into their regular habits,’ he said. ‘We would definitely advise parents not to bring their kids out shopping or use these trips as family days out. There are occasions where this can’t be avoided but there needs to be a sensible and responsible approach adopted by customers.’

Never more than now is the time for Ireland to consider Universal Basic Income; Spain has a pilot coming on stream and I would suggest to anyone, with any kind of basic common decency, to listen to Professor Guy Standing (University of London) speaking about UBI.  It is an hour well spent and is a life changer.  Sinn Fein – this is in line with the ideals of 1918 and the politicians of that era.  102 years on – let us embrace it and drive out inequality in Ireland.

US:  their approach to Universal Basic Income 20/04/20

Addendum to posting yesterday:

Fred has a question about the global approach determined by the methodology used in Wuhan, Hubei, China. What if Sweden have taken the correct approach?  Johan Giesecke, Epidemologist (Sweden) interviewed in this link states that Sweden followed the UK approach before UK decided to change course, and he believes that the outcome from COVID-19 in Sweden will not differ from those other countries who followed the China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong reported methodologies.  However what happens if Sweden proves accurate in their choice.  The Lockdowns have had a serious social, psychological and economical impact on very many people around the world and if the Swedish model works, many people will feel their civil liberties have been breached and their lives impacted for decades.  Being aware is very important.


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