Question for Gemma: where is the New Police State? Another Question: Why now use a Killer coronavirus COVID-19, in promoting your Status as the new Veronica Guerin? Then add the absurdity of Waters calling the people of Ireland Sheep. Why because they chose to follow the information of the Public Health in what is known as the worst Pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1918? The People of Ireland have shown great Community Spirit in the present Global Killer Pandemic – do not insult their intelligence by your evident ignorance.

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John Waters and Gemma O’Doherty and Supporters crowd into Hight Court

Sourced from blog writer – In no way do I support this:

John Waters and Gemma O’ Doherty have taken an action against the state that was before the Hight Court on Tuesday that challenged the laws introduced in response to the “coronavirus pandemic hoax”.

In a shock move more than 40 supporters sat closely together which has horrified many sheepish citizens of the new police state. Instead of being struck down dead by the “Bug” the exposed the hoax for what it is but Garda didn’t do too much to intervene because this bunch were immune to the absurd propaganda and statements we have heard in recent weeks since the hoax began.


People gathered in the Round Hall of the Four Courts and were addressed by Doherty and Waters who urged people to “take back the country”.

As part of their High Court action they are seeking to have parts of the emergency lockdown legislation declared null and void by the Judge.

However this is unlikely since Ireland Inc. is now apparently under direct orders from medical bureaucrats in the WHO but in reality by the people pulling their strings.

Ms O’Doherty said what was happening regarding the lock down was “outrageous”.

And people were being held under mass house arrest, or fear being interrogated by the Gardai if they leave their homes.

People should be allowed to go about their business and normal life must be allowed to resume.

The vast majority of people are unaffected by Covid-19, which was “no threat to life”, .

She claimed that the Irish people should be allowed to go outside and “build up a herd immunity.”

Expert medical evidence supporting her claims will be presented to the court as part of the case.

Mr Waters told the court the legislation was “unconstitutional”, “improperly enacted” and “very flawed”.

Waters and O’ Doherty were representing themselves

The judge said the court was only concerned about the legality of the legislation challenged and not about any Government policy, directed the application for permission to bring the challenge be made on notice to the State respondents and adjourned the matter to today

The days events were reported widely.

The transcript of the Court Proceedings are available.  Check out PDF.

Here is a sample:

I do not want to be here today, but we are here because we are going to defend this book. Now, many other things are being interfered with as well, many other fundamental rights, such as the right to the children of Ireland to have an education, one of the basic fundamental rights laid out in this Constitution. People also have a right to private family life. What is currently being suggested is that members of An Garda Síochána may enter, break and enter into homes to investigate as to whether people with this virus, which there still is no actual test for, this is where this legislation is going.

We also know that there are very serious discrepancies in relation to the Mental Health Act, the fact that only one person now, a barrister, solicitor can ascertain if somebody has  ‑‑ if there are concerns about their mental health. Outrageous attacks on our fundamental freedoms are taking place as we speak. The entire working population is being denied the right to earn a living, who is paying for all of that?  The taxpayer. This €350 that people are getting, somebody is going to have to pay for that further down the line. The Irish people are currently in debt of about €240 billion, €50,000 on the head of every Irish man, woman and child from the last disaster.

We are now going to head into another recession that will make the Celtic Tiger look like a teddy bear’s picnic if this continues. The economy must be re‑opened. The people of Ireland must be ‑‑ must be allowed to go about their business. Our parks must be re‑opened. Our beaches must be re‑opened. The streets of our country, our roads must be re‑opened. These illegal garda check‑points must cease and normal life must resume. Not least, Judge, because in doing that, the 99.5 percent of the population who is utterly unaffected by coronavirus will go out and build up herd immunity.

In an ideal world, yes the Emergency legislation relating to the impact of coronavirus COVID-19 should be challenged in the courts of the land but these are extraordinary times.  December 2019, 44 people died in China from a virus (related we now know to bat and transmission to humans) and the Chinese notified (they may have delayed reporting) the WHO who set in play what we have all witnessed over the past 3 months especially since lockdown came into effect in the Republic of Ireland.  Too much is visible in our media, on radio and in our newspapers.  We are surrounded by doom and gloom and that false sense of we are surviving; we are all excellent for what we have achieved in being contained.  The facts state:  Test Test Test.  The only proviso  I suggest is a link from the Mirror newspaper and the words spoken by President Trump yesterday.  There is an argument to be established and proven and that is did the coronavirus COVID-19 start in the Wuhan Virology lab (which has funding from scientists in America; the WHO and other countries).  The Americans are seeking answers.  This is worth listening to while the above journey through courts by O’Doherty and Waters is a delusion away from what is a truth that has consequences we do not like but we have the abilities to revoke these laws at a future date, which unfortunately appears to be when a vaccine is found and this may take a year or 18 months.

I am no fan of hundreds of Rogue Gardai, we know the Scandals, we know the Corruption, but time your Battles, this is the Wrong time for Charades, and Large Ego’s. We need a Police Service, not Force, people are not Sheep, and many will find the above deeply insulting, who ever wrote it?

Dan O’Brien, Economist spoke common sense the other night; not trying to scare people but aiming to direct attention to what is going to be very significant as COVID-19 ends but the recession/depression begins.  I recommend this review of a book which deals with such situations ie “Deaths of Despair”.

Twitter: Declan Ganley link:

Excerpt from Saturday Telegraph (Australia):


November 9, 2015:

Wuhan Institute of Virology publish a study revealing they created a new virus in the lab from SARS-CoV.

December 6, 2019

Five days after a man linked to Wuhan’s seafood market presented pneumonia-like symptoms, his wife contracts it, suggesting human to human transmission.

December 27

China’s health authorities told a novel disease, then affecting some 180 patients, was caused by a new coronavirus.

December 26-30

Evidence of new virus emerges from Wuhan patient data.

December 31

Chinese internet authorities begin censoring terms from social media such as Wuhan Unknown Pneumonia.

January 1, 2020

Eight Wuhan doctors who warned about new virus are detained and condemned.

January 3

China’s top health authority issues a gag order.

January 5

Wuhan Municipal Health Commission stops releasing daily updates on new cases. Continues until January 18.

January 10

PRC official Wang Guangfa says outbreak “under control” and mostly a “mild condition”.

January 12

Professor Zhang Yongzhen’s lab in Shanghai is closed by authorities for “rectification”, one day after it shares genomic sequence data with the world for the first time.

January 14

PRC National Health Commission chief Ma Xiaowei privately warns colleagues the virus is likely to develop into a major public health event.

January 24

Officials in Beijing prevent the Wuhan Institute of Virology from sharing sample isolates with the University of Texas.

February 6

China’s internet watchdog tightens controls on social media platforms.

February 9

Citizen-journalist and local businessman Fang Bin disappears.

April 17

Wuhan belatedly raises its official fatalities by 1290.


There is controversy between the US and World Health Organisation.  Eurasia Review published this article which is important when we know that President Trump withdrew US funding to the WHO, in the sum of $450 million.  President Trump has expressed the view that the WHO worked more in line with the Chinese Agenda than operating as they should do with their 195 member countries.

Addendum Sunday Link:

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