Will FG make a Statement in relation to its up and coming Star Andrew Ralph, who said on Twitter, let the Elderly Die? Shocking for the Families who lost Loved ones in this Horrific Pandemic. Where is FF surely Questions must be asked here?

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Andrew Ralph – Chairperson and Event Controller – Pieta (£2 mn raised by the Late Late last week for this suicide awareness charity). Ralph is also a personal friend of Failed TD Regina Doherty, who showed no Respect for the Good Friday Agreement 1998, last week. Her Arrogance is Baffling for a Failed Politician allegedly in receipt of £12,000 per week until Govt is in place.

Do you agree with Fine Gaels, Andrew Ralph? Should we sacrifice the vulnerable to COVID19?

It’s important to make some key points based on how this can be perceived.

1. Fine Gael’s, Andrew Ralph appears to make comments stating that we should sacrifice old people to a ruthless pandemic.

2. Fine Gael’s, Andrew Ralph appears to paint themselves as the victim.

3. Fine Gael’s, Andrew Ralph then appears to delete their Twitter account to escape reprimand from grieving families or those recovered from, or empathising with those who have contracted COVID19.

There were unsubstantiated claims by Fine Gael supporters that he is no longer a member of the party.

Young Fine Gael Meath have since denounced the comments and advised the person involved is no longer a member.

Andrew Ralph again today in a Newspaper portrayed himself as the Victim, he went on to say I was in a “Dark Place”, I have Mental Health issues.  This to thousands of people with Depression is grossly Insulting, what a little Cowardice? A couple of years ago the same Ralph in a certain Pub, loudly stated people who commit Suicide are Cowards, it is Alleged. What a Nasty piece of work.  Now I am asking, as will thousands more, Pieta, the Charity, should Sever all Connections with this Andrew Ralph, as a matter of Urgency?




Learning curve:-

Excerpt:  Could this apply to nursing homes in Ireland?

Spain:  5,000 care homes and 17,500 residents in care homes.

Before the pandemic, seniors had shared stories of waiting hours to go to the bathroom or receive a drink of water.  Others grappled with ant infestations or cockroaches, while staff at one home complained of being forced to ration essential items such as nappies or soap…The horrific situation came to light in March after the military was deployed to disinfect care homes.  “The army found seniors who had been completely abandoned, some dead, in their beds, the defence minister, Margarita Robles, told broadcaster Telecino.

Prosecutors in Spain said this month they had opened 140 investigations into care homes, prompted by complaints from family members.

  • care homes forced to cope as overcrowded hospitals refused to take in more patients or to send care homes the appropriate medications.

Maria Braynas aged 113 years (Survivor WW1 Spanish Flu WW 2 and Franco Regime) “It’s as though those of us who choose to live in a care home have disappeared from society.  Governments need to pay attention and provide funding and qualified staff in care homes.  And, above all, they need to provide much more healthcare in homes”.

This woman recently joined Twitter.

Fred:  We could be facing a second wave and a darker period, please ensure we are prepared especially with regard to our most vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled and not forgetting those with mental illness either in the community, hostels or psychiatric hospitals.  One final thought I would like to share: a well known writer whose wife had no alternative but to live in a care home has been unable to visit her since the beginning of March.  He is at such a loss and so lonely for her.  There surely must be a way of creating a space where a husband can meet his wife in the elderly years of their 80’s and 90’s.




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