Drogheda Feud far from Over.

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Gardai are investigating a credible threat made against the life of a high-profile barrister, who is involved in criminal law work, including cases arising out of the gangland feud that has engulfed the Co Louth town of Drogheda.

The security services believe that  a Barrister, who also works in juvenile law, is under threat from one of the two gangs involved in the long-running feud, which has resulted in murders, shootings, stabbings and assaults.

Serious threats have been issued against the barrister, who is a regular contributor to RTE Radio and the BBC on issues such as juvenile crime and social justice.

The barrister, who practises on the northeast circuit, recently received a threatening letter, which gave her precise movements, suggesting she had been followed.


Drug dealer had massive impact on area

A drug dealer who had a ‘massive impact’ on the area she lived in, has been jailed after she appeared before the district court.

Grace Flanagan (30), Culhane Street, Dundalk, is presently serving a circuit criminal court sentence and has a release date of 13 October next.

She pleaded guilty to a number of charges relating to possession of drugs for sale or supply and Judge Coughlan opted not to extend her stay in custody.

He imposed a concurrent sentence of three months and two weeks ‘to bring her within 13 October’.

The defendant admitted nine charges of possession of drugs for sale or supply, relating to diamorphine, diazepam and alprazolam; offences which occurred between 11 March, 2016 and 3 April, 2017 at different locations in Dundalk, namely Culhane Street, The Ramparts, Clanbrassil Centre and Bus Éireann, Long Walk.

Det Sgt Ger Collins said all the offences were committed while Flanagan was on bail.

He described her as a prolific drug dealer who had a massive impact on the quality of life of people in Culhane Street over a two-year period.

She refused to co-operate and was prone to incidents of violence, having three previous convictions for robbery, two for assault and a dangerous driving conviction when evading gardaí.

Barrister Irene Sands said Grace Flanagan was crippled with addiction but has made progress and completed a methadone programme.

She has been in custody since 31 August, 2017, and the matters before the district court are all prior to the circuit court matter.

Counsel continued that Flanagan was not running a drugs empire in Culhane Street. The offending in question was for her own addiction.

The barrister argued the district court couldn’t impose a sentence consecutive to the circuit court matter which occurred after this event.

Fred, a little puzzled to say the least.  Why threaten the Barrister and more importantly why is it not getting any RTE Coverage or Media updates, which asks more Questions, Why not?  This is something that would happen in Mexico, Chile, Columbia but not in Ireland; sadly times have changed and we have our barristers under threat from Gangland/Feud mobsters.  This matter needs to be dealt with in a most professional manner with the involvement of Interpol, Europol, FBI, CAB and other bodies.

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