After the Charlton Tribunal, I never thought Irish Journalism would stoop so low into the Gutter again. Their Heads down, nobody heard anything in relation, to a Decent Copper Maurice McCabe but I was wrong, Whoever wrote this article, with the Photo, has put Mr Hutch in mortal Danger of being Assassinated by a Kinahan Hit Squad. Why? 18 Lives lost in the inner City, families torn apart, on both sides, but especially the Hutch Family. Would this “Gotcha” Journalist do this to one of his or her family? This is like setting up Mr Hutch to be shot, it is beyond Explanation. Again we must have common decency to ask Why?

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Top Kinahan target Patsy Hutch wears face mask as he takes a stroll in Dublin sunshine

The older brother of ‘The Monk’ Gerry Hutch has been rarely seen since a hit squad was sent to kill him in 2018

A top target in the Kinahan-Hutch feud takes a stroll in the summer sun today – his face hidden behind a protective mask.

Patsy Hutch – older brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch – is rarely spotted on the streets since the Kinahan cartel sent a hit team to kill him in 2018.

But with Dublin in Covid-19 lockdown and mask wearing advised in public, he took advantage to go for a stroll near his north inner-city home.

The Irish Mirror snapped the 59-year-old walking down Parnell Street in the summer sunshine today.


Kinahan target Patsy Hutch on Parnell Street, Dublin on Monday, May 25 2020
Kinahan target Patsy Hutch on Parnell Street, Dublin on Monday, May 25 2020

Dressed in a dark sleeveless jacket, jeans and baseball cap, Hutch wore a black face covering disguising his features.

He walked alone a few minutes away from his house, where gardai have a permanently manned protection post to watch over him.


I say to Neil Leslie today, Why do this?  Is there an Agenda? 18 human beings Dead, some never even part of the Feud, sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time. Patsy Hutch is not involved in Crime, his life was almost gone by the Gun on two occasions. Journalism in this country has gone to a new Low. Who is Neil Leslie?  Why do this fucking Madness? 

I must add today one more important statement:  Patsy Hutch as I have said above is not involved in crime so therefore why this risky and dangerous journalism.  To be fair to others, Daniel Kinahan and his brothers have no convictions for any crimes in this country.  If I am incorrect, please correct me.  Christy snr Kinahan and John the Colonel Cunningham – Yes but these are part of the older veterans of Irish crime who have retired to the Middle East.

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