Drogheda the Town is in the middle of a Drug War, but Dark Shadows loom over the Skies also. It is Alleged a Barrister has serious Connections, but the Question is, who is playing both sides which a very dangerous game to play? Some people took to Twitter last night and laid it Bare in relation to Sands (named in Irish Times article below) in the context of Gangland. Personally I have no idea, I just Quote what is out there and written up. Allegations are not fact, but Mr Hutch did not get the same Media Protection, I ask Why?

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Death threats for barrister Irene Sands linked to Drogheda gang feud

Death threats for barrister Irene Sands linked to Drogheda gang feud

Gardai are investigating a credible threat made against the life of a high-profile barrister, who is involved in criminal law work, including cases arising out of the gangland feud that has engulfed the Co Louth town of Drogheda.

The security services believe that Irene Sands, who also works in juvenile law, is under threat from one of the two gangs involved in the long-running feud, which has resulted in murders, shootings, stabbings and assaults.

Serious threats have been issued against the barrister, who is a regular contributor to RTE Radio and the BBC on issues such as juvenile crime and social justice.

The barrister, who practises on the northeast circuit, recently received a threatening letter, which gave her precise movements, suggesting she had been followed

Civilian Garda employee is suspected of leaks to gang

A Dublin-based Garda civilian employee is under investigation because she is suspected of providing key information to dealers linked to the ‘Mr Big’ drugs gang, in return for cocaine.

Up to eight homes of suspected drug dealers in north Dublin linked to the Garda employee were raided yesterday as officers tried to find more evidence in their “corruption” enquiry.

The Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) is conducting the probe after receiving information that the young woman was being “paid” in cocaine to provide information to the criminals.

We have to ask, how many Garda Stations are Rumbled by people, even Gardai from within. With Drugs comes Money, then comes Bribery and the rest is Obvious.


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