Now the people of Ireland are in no Doubt, that Daniel Kinahan and his Killing Cartel have destroyed Families in Ireland and across Europe, they must be brought before Irish Courts. Yesterday one of Kinahans footsoldiers turned and gave Vital Evidence in Court. Mark Capper was Recruited to kill Patsy Hutch to pay off a two grand Gambling Debt.

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Kinahan cartel’s reign of terror across Europe claims 50 lives as mum pleads for justice for innocent son 14 years on

A DISTRAUGHT mum has pleaded with supporters of mob boss Daniel Kinahan to remember organised crime victims — as she waits for ­justice 14 years on from her innocent son’s murder.

We can reveal that the ­Kinahan cartel’s reign of terror across Europe has led to the killing of over 50 people.

 Kinahan toll...Chris Jnr and brother Daniel

Kinahan toll…Chris Jnr and brother Daniel

 Left in limbo by vicious killing...Christine               Campbell at her son's grave

Left in limbo by vicious killing…Christine Campbell at her son’s graveCredit: Paddy Cummins – The Sun Dublin

 Anthony Campbell was shot dead in 2006 because he               was a witness to the ­killing of druglord Marlo Hyland

Anthony Campbell was shot dead in 2006 because he was a witness to the ­killing of druglord Marlo HylandCredit: The Evening Herald

And seven completely innocent men are among those who have lost their lives over a 20-year-period of bloodshed and violence.

After Det Supt David Gallagher told Dublin’s Special Criminal Court how the “Kinahan organisation” was behind a plot to murder Patsy Hutch — brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch — in March 2018, we outline the trail of devastation from one of Ireland’s most dangerous gangs.

Devastated Christine Campbell, 53, lost her innocent son Anthony, 21, when he was shot dead in 2006 because he was a witness to the ­killing of druglord Marlo Hyland, 35.

He was gunned down on the orders of Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne, 34, who was subsequently executed by the Kinahan cartel after drawing too much Garda attention and ­going on a drug-crazed killing spree.


Heartbroken Christine said: “I think it’s about time that people started remembering the innocent people whose lives have been taken by this criminal organisation.

“I think people need to take a step back and look at all the death and destruction that has gone on over the years. My beautiful son was murdered by people who were heavily involved in organised crime and the trauma we have experienced has been unbearable.

“It’s just awful to think about all the innocent lives that have been lost simply for power, money and greed.”

Christine spoke out after legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum this week claimed that Kinahan — who is trying to use the sport to legitimise himself — was an “honourable man”.

Gangster Kinahan was also this week appointed as a “special ­advisor” to boxing group KHK Sports in Bahrain.

Boxing club MTK, a company he originally founded, has penned a “partnership” deal with KHK Sports.

MTK insisted in 2017 there was no relationship with Kinahan since he was bought out of the firm. Neither Arum, KHK Sports nor MTK has any involvement in crime.


And in the 14th year of her son’s brutal murder, Christine has urged Garda Commissioner Drew Harris to help the families of all the innocent victims of gangland violence.

She said: “I would love the ­Commissioner to contact me and tell me what the Gardai are doing about Anthony’s case.

“I haven’t had justice in 14 years and have been left in limbo. Every effort must be made to prosecute those who order murders and pay for people to commit such evil acts.”

And the grieving father of Michael Barr — who was shot dead by the cartel after wrongly being accused of being part of the Regency Hotel attack — this week criticised Kinahan’s attempts to “reinvent himself”.

Irate Collie posted on social media: “Totally Disgusting. Over 100 people murdered and Daniel is still boxing kingmaker. Have these people no shame.”

The first innocent man to lose his life was Raymond Salinger in 2003 after original cartel boss Christy ‘Dapper Don’ Kinahan accused him without any evidence of informing the Gardai on a drugs stash.

 Innocent Martin O'Rourke was shot during the               Kinahan-Hutch feud

Innocent Martin O’Rourke was shot during the Kinahan-Hutch feud

 Mistaken ID...Darren Cogan

Mistaken ID…Darren Cogan

 Innocent Dublin City Council worker Trevor O’Neill,               41, was killed on holidays

Innocent Dublin City Council worker Trevor O’Neill, 41, was killed on holidays

Other innocents killed are rugby player Shane Geoghegan, 28, in 2008, who was shot dead by Barry Doyle, 33, and ­Darren Cogan, 19, who was shot in 2011 after a killer mistook him for a rival as “they were wearing the same top”.

Previously, Darren’s mother Rose told us: “I cry in the morning and I cry at night because I just miss my beautiful son so much. I still think he’ll come through the door.”

And during the Kinahan and Hutch feud, dad-of-four Martin O’Rourke, 24, was shot dead in April 2016 after gunman Glen Clarke, 36, targeted a Hutch associate.

Clarke struck again in August 2016, when he shot dead Dublin City Council worker Trevor O’Neill, 41, as he walked with his family on the Costa del Calma.

The cartel had sent their cohorts to Spain to target Jonathan Hutch but shot the innocent dad-of-three instead.

The last innocent man to die was Noel ‘Duck Egg’ Kirwan, 62, who was shot outside his partner’s home a few days before Christmas in 2016.

The grandad was targeted simply because he had been ­photographed beside Gerry Hutch at the funeral of his brother Eddie.


And Independent Dublin Cllr Nial Ring, who was contacted by The Monk’s nephew Gareth just days before his murder, pleaded with the Government to help ­families the cartel has devastated.

He added: “No-one can ignore the fact that dozens of families have been left completely devastated by the criminal organisation named in court last week.

“The people who have been left behind should never be forgotten. I have witnessed first hand the devastation caused to families by organised crime. I can’t understand why people are defending individuals clearly connected to a criminal organisation that has caused untold damage to the people of Ireland over the years.

“So many lives have been lost and the amount of lives that have been saved by the Gardai in recent years has been nothing short of phenomenal. Where is the morality in people who support those ­connected to organised crime?”


Apart from murders, hundreds of people have also lost their lives to the drugs brought into the country by the cartel and their associates in South America and Europe.

Other lives destroyed include hundreds of families whose homes were fire-bombed, cars torched and youngsters who fled Ireland over unpaid debts — some as little as €100.

One senior investigator told us the legacy of the Kinahan cartel in Ireland was one of “death, despair and devastation”.

They added: “If you look at the 16 deaths in the Crumlin and Drimnagh feud, the 13 people killed by Eamon Dunne, the deaths in the current feud and others they all go back to the Kinahan group because people like Dunne and others were all working for them.

“We can also look at the other feuds over the years and we can see a connection to the Kinahan gang because they were the people supplying all the drugs and weapons.”

Others gunned down by the gang’s ­members include five men who were murdered because they were either a relative or an associate of The Monk.

Two men were also shot dead because they were identified by the cartel of being involved in attempts to kill its members­ ­without a shred of evidence.

They were Real IRA member Michael Barr, 35, and Daithi Douglas.

 Daniel Kinahan is trying to use sport to legitimise               himself

Daniel Kinahan is trying to use sport to legitimise himself

 Cllr Nial Ring has pleaded with the Government to               help ­families the cartel has devastated

Cllr Nial Ring has pleaded with the Government to help ­families the cartel has devastated

Kinahan crime organisation carries out ‘execution-type murders’ and trafficks drugs and firearms, court told. Mark Capper below, gave vital information, and even with a low IQ he still began to turn them over. Gardai. Well done yesterday. Kinahans should be Extradited back to Ireland, as a matter of State Security. They have flooded this country with Drugs and are killing almost at free will. Daniel Kinahan is no Boxing promoter just a Thug.  People in the Boxing world need to Wake up, and see the Pain, Sorrow, and the Coffins, that this Kinahan has caused on the Streets of Dublin, Spain, and beyond.  

Fred, concludes, Kinahan will be caught, it is only a matter of time, the Gardai, working with other Police Forces across Europe, and the DEA in the America will eventually end his reign of Terror. How the Irish Mafia infiltrated Royalty in Bahrain. Ireland have options here because we have strong business links with both Bahrain through the Royal College of Surgeons; and with the United Arab Emirates who have an embassy in Dublin 4.


Gary Hanley murder plot

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