Death threats for barrister Irene Sands linked to Drogheda gang feud. Something is not right here. Somebody or Agencies are doing a “Concrete Cover Up”, Why?

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Gardai are investigating a credible threat made against the life of a high-profile barrister, who is involved in criminal law work, including cases arising out of the gangland feud that has engulfed the Co Louth town of Drogheda.

The security services believe that Irene Sands, who also works in juvenile law, is under threat from one of the two gangs involved in the long-running feud, which has resulted in murders, shootings, stabbings and assaults.

Serious threats have been issued against the barrister, who is a regular contributor to RTE Radio and the BBC on issues such as juvenile crime and social justice.

The barrister, who practises on the northeast circuit, recently received a threatening letter, which gave her precise movements, suggesting she had been followed

The dogs in the Drogheda streets know, what was going on, yet there is a wall of Silence.  Miss Sands is alleged to have left the country with her sister for her own personal safety, Why? Allegations are being talked about in relation to Barrister Sands from Drogheda to the Law Library. These Allegations, and I must stress the word “Allegations” are about her involvement with the late Drug Thug Lawlor. We must wait and see what breaks in time in relation to high flyer Barrister Irene Sands?  This link relates to Sean O’Rourke interview 31st March 2020 and Irene Sands is interviewed along with John Lonergan and Cllr Flynn


I have numerous comments about Irene Sands which need clarification because there are serious allegations being made.  These will be checked out and I will revert if they can be substantiated.


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