Irish Prisons, may have done a fairly decent Job in keeping the COVID-19 at bay, but there are serious problems within our Prisons, we need more Whisleblowers, they need Protection. Cork prison was the worst for many years; it was run by a Pack of Low-lives in a uniform, most of them heavy Boozers and Alleged wife beaters, most would be gone by now. Cork I am informed has improved in recent times. Prisoners now are treated like human beings. A prisoner tells their experience within the walls of prisons.

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 4th November, 2009: This Article was written,

nothing has changed in Irish Prisons


For the attention of Judge Michael Reilly, Inspector of Prisons

Articles written by Fred

Please note:  this posting was written by A person, with many internal sources within the Prisons walls/ (It appeared in my inbox for 2009).


FRED:  What actually changes over time especially for people who are sent to prison.  We need to get the right people to Research the problems in our Prisons, we know Drugs is the No 1 culprit for much harm to health and lives, and we are fully aware of the problems with Staff who themselves are often addicted to alcohol and one can imagine possibly illegal drugs too. We will write more on this again, and maybe mention some names of the low life “Screws”, who hated their Job, and Prisoners suffered in silence, since this was written Herrick has left the Irish Penal Reform Trust and has been promoted to the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, having worked for a short period for President Michael D. Higgins.  Fred

Judge Michael Reilly deceased:  Report on Prisons link


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