The Treatment and Bullying of this woman was Appalling. The degrading bad language that was “allegedly” to be heard on the phone; no words could not describe just how unacceptable this is. The sad fact is, this was at the hands of Allegedly Rogue Gardai?

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GSOC to review complaint of bullying

GSOC to review                 complaint of bullying

A generic stock photo of a Garda in Dublin.

GSOC is investigating a complaint from a civilian employee of An Garda Siochána which includes a recording in which a sworn member references her in a highly disparaging manner.

The complaint concerns allegations of sustained bullying over a period of years by two gardaí with whom the civilian worked. At one point, she recorded one side of a telephone conversation, inadvertently she is reported to have claimed, between the two men in which one garda tells the other: “I am going to drive her fucking mad. I am going to fucking wreck her head…I am not putting up with that c***.”

The civilian had included the recording in an internal complaint to An Garda Siochana which she made about her bullying allegations.

The senior officer investigating the complaint refused to listen to the recording. Her complaint of bullying was not upheld, largely because she did have any corroborating evidence.

Instead, the civilian became the subject of a criminal investigation into the recording on the basis that it may have breached the data protection act. A file was prepared for the DPP who recommended no prosecution.

GSOC is now examining the civilian’s complaint in its entirety which included: threatening and abusive behaviour;  verbally abusing her; belittling her in the station in front of members of the public; frustrating her in her duties; organising to her access to the Pulse system.

These issues are alleged to have arisen repeatedly over a number of years.

The Irish Examiner understands that following the investigation a decision was reached for the civilian and the two sworn members to transfer out of the station in question. However, twelve months after the arrangement was proposed only the civilian has been moved.

A spokesperson for GSOC said it has no comment to make. 


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