Major body blow for Kinahan, as Bahrain company breaks links with Daniel?

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Bahrain company ends ‘engagement’ with Daniel Kinahan

        Kinahan had been an advisor to the KHK sports company
Daniel Kinahan had been an advisor to the KHK sports company
A Bahrain sports company has ended its involvement with Daniel Kinahan.

KHK, the company set up by the King of Bahrain’s son, said in a statement this morning that it has “discontinued its engagement with Daniel Kinahan and he is no longer an advisor” to the company.

The statement was confirmed by the government information service in Bahrain.

Kinahan’s departure from the company comes following representations from the Irish Government to authorities in the United Arab Emirates.

The Taoiseach told the Dáil last week there had been contact between the Department of Foreign Affairs and the authorities in the UAE about that matter.

Leo Varadkar also said that he had been “taken aback” to see heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury in his video just dropping “that name … as if this was somebody who did not have quite a chequered history in this State and elsewhere”.

Tyson Fury went on social media last week and thanked Kinahan for arranging a two-fight heavyweight title deal between Fury and fellow British heavyweight Anthony Joshua.

Kinahan has been identified in the High Court as a senior figure in organised crime who “controlled and managed” the Kinahan organised crime group.

The Kinahan organised crime group has also been found by the Special Criminal Court to carry out “execution type murders to protect its core activities” drugs trafficking and firearms offences.


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