How could this man literally fly into Ireland, and start murdering people almost at free will, when he had no Status here? Hamid (?) was applying for Asylum in Ireland, I must be careful now, or Niall Bozo Collins FF will call me a Racist? We need to wake up pronto, forget Collins, we need to clean up urgently? By the way Hamid got a bullet in the head, in the Feud?

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Murdered hitman Hamid Sanambar flew to Spain to meet Kinahan cartel before his death

The tattooed thug had repeatedly come to the attention of gardai and was the chief suspect for a number of gangland shootings over the past 18 months

Hamid Sanambar at the scene of the shooting in Balbriggan where Sean Little was murdered – VIRGIN MEDIA NEWS EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE

Murdered hitman Hamid Sanambar flew back and forth to Spain to meet the Kinahan cartel before his death, Dublin Live can reveal.

The 41-year-old assassin, suspected of the killings of Jordan Davis and his pal Sean Little within 24 hours of each other, had a string of convictions dating back to 2007.

The Iranian national was arrested in southern Spain four-and-a-half years ago with Daniel Kinahan, son of mob boss Christy Kinahan, while Sanambar was on the run from gardai.

Daniel Kinahan (Image: Collins Dublin)

He also had close links to an Irish drug trafficker and gunrunner who is believed to have relocated from Spain to Dubai with the Kinahan mob.

Sanambar was out on bail on a robbery charge when he was shot in the head during a wake for Sean Little at his North Dublin home on Tuesday.

The tattooed thug had repeatedly come to the attention of gardai and was the chief suspect for a number of gangland shootings over the past 18 months.

Questions are now being asked about the Iranian hood’s asylum status and why it was not revoked despite his involvement in a number of violent crimes.

Hamid Sanambar, 40s, was shot dead as people gathered to mourn Sean Little

A source said: “As an asylum seeker this man filled out all the necessary application forms and went through all the proper channels.

“He was granted political asylum on the basis that his was a genuine case.

“But it should have been revoked because he fell foul of the law so many times.”

Hired muscle Sanambar was first convicted in November 2007 for road traffic offences – while living in a hostel for asylum seekers in Cork city.

He was given a suspended sentence for a public order incident in 2009 in which he resisted arrest and wrestled with gardai.

In September 2012 he robbed a brothel in Cork, stealing thousands of euros in cash from two women, and later fled to Spain to evade capture.

The source said: “Because he had political asylum he was able to go over and back to Spain to the Kinahans as often as he liked.

“But he had convictions going back over a dozen years and he was definitely on the radar with gardai as somebody to keep an eye on.”


Fred in pure shock:  Serious questions have to be asked here to Minister Flanagan, the Department of Justice and those people who run direct provision, how could this murderous Thug fly into Ireland, apply for Asylum, book a bed in Butlins, and travel where he pleased.  Also, how did he get his hands on guns and the rest and end up killing young people involved in the Coolock Feud.  Why was he not picked up by the Gardai (since he was monitored for months) and DEPORTED.  I will end by saying we are becoming the “SKIP” of Europe. 


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