What a Disgusting Act, Hennessy will have to live with his Despicable behaviour for a long time, thats if he has any Morals, aged 23 he is Trouble in the Making?

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Man charged with writing ‘rat’ on book of condolence for Garda Colm Horkan

A man in his 20s has been charged with criminal damage by writing the word ‘rat’ under the name of Detective Garda Colm Horkan in a book of condolence that was left at the public counter in Blanchardstown garda station for the public to sign.

Jason Hennessy (23) from Sheephill Avenue in Blanchardstown was also charged with violent conduct at Blanchardstown garda station while in custody for the criminal damage offence.

He appeared before Judge Gerard Jones at Blanchardstown District Court this morning.

Sergeant Alan Lynch told Judge Jones that on Friday June 19 he had put out a book of condolence to be signed for their garda colleague Det Garda Horkan and at 12.15pm was made aware that two men were at the book and it had been tampered with.

When the book was examined, it was seen that the word ‘rat’ had been written under Det Garda Horkan’s name and the station stamp had been used to stamp the front of the book.

No plea was entered and Hennessy’s solicitor Simon Fleming applied for bail.

This was objected to by Sgt Lynch,and Judge Jones refused bail.

Addressing the court, Judge Jones said he was “appalled” at the alleged behaviour.


“Under no circumstances am I entertaining bail for one minute. It’s most serious for you and your deceased colleague,” he told Sgt Lynch.

Hennessy was remanded in custody to appear before Cloverhill district court tomorrow morning when a date is expected to be set for a High Court bail application.

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