This outgoing Government should be Charged with Gross Negligence for Failing our Frontline workers. 4,500 have contracted the virus, over a hundred very ill due to Covert 19. Why? The lack of PPE; what an utter Disgrace? Yet Taxpayers money bailed out Chancer Hickey, for £410,000, a Loan to Hickey, then Government organised for the Chancer a Waiver. Donnelly FF calls for a Inquiry, yet he wants for form a Government with the Clowns, led by Leo the Bluffer.

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Son drops case against firm set up by ex-OCI boss Hickey

Family fall-out: Pat Hickey set up the auctioneering business in 1977. Photo: PA

A son of controversial former Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) president Pat Hickey has dropped a legal action he was taking against the auctioneering business set up by his father.

Fred Hickey (49) initiated the personal injuries case against Pat Hickey (Auctioneering) Ltd in 2017 after an alleged falling out over the running of the business.

He also sued his mother Sylvaine (70) and sister Corine (43) as part of the High Court action, in which he claimed to have been subject to a hostile work environment. The claims were disputed.

But the case never made it to a hearing and a notice of discontinuance was filed on Monday. Mr Hickey declined to say if the matter had been settled.

“I wouldn’t have any comment on that at all, to be honest with you. Sorry about that,” he told the Irish Independent.

Mr Hickey’s father, Pat, set up the business in 1977.

It specialises in valuation work and is located on Lower Dominick Street in Dublin’s north inner city.

The former OCI president was previously the main shareholder and remained involved as a director until a year ago.  His daughter Corine now owns the shares in the company.   Fred Hickey had worked there for over 20 years. However, he left and set up his own company, FH Estates, two years ago.  He stood by his father following his arrest over alleged ticket touting during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

Fred Hickey subsequently met with then foreign affairs minister Charlie Flanagan to discuss concerns for his father’s wellbeing while he was being held in a Brazilian prison.

His father was eventually freed and allowed to return home after a bond of €410,000 was paid using a loan from the Association of National Olympic Committees. The loan was later written off by the association.

Pat Hickey’s trial on ticket-touting charges has yet to take place. He was president of the OCI, later renamed the Olympic Federation of Ireland, for 28 years.

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