Kinahan now off the centre World Boxing Stage, plus more Gangland News below, What next for the Drug Lords of Middle East and Beyond?

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Heavyweight champion Fury floors adviser Kinahan with knockout blow

Boxer Tyson Fury has dropped Daniel Kinahan as his boxing adviser

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has reportedly dropped notorious crime boss Daniel Kinahan as an adviser just weeks after praising him for negotiating lucrative fight deals on his behalf.

The move comes amid continuing criticism of Kinahan’s efforts to wipe the slate clean over his involvement in criminality and reinvent himself as a boxing promoter.

It also comes less than a week after highly-respected sports company KHK in Bahrain confirmed it had cut ties with Kinahan just a month after hiring him as an adviser.

Revealing the news in an interview, Fury’s boxing promoter Bob Arum said he had discussed the matter with Fury and decided his company Top Rank Boxing will handle future negotiations.


“Over the weekend I’ve had a lot of conversations with Tyson Fury and what we both decided is that myself, Top Rank and Fury will do all negotiations for fights in the future,” he said.

“Whether it’s for [Anthony] Joshua, or [Deontay] Wilder, or anybody else. We’ve informed Eddie Hearn about that. He knows where to go for the negotiations. Tyson and I have had long negotiations about it. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

He said the pair talked with Kinahan, who they both “love and admire and respect”, and Kinahan understands that it’s best the negotiations on Tyson’s side “be handled that way”.

“Both Tyson and I have each discussed this with Dan and he is amenable and satisfied and wished us luck. He only wants the best for Tyson Fury,” said Arum.

While he has yet to publicly comment on the news, Tyson Fury tweeted a photograph last night with the words: “If you walk into a boxing gym, you’ll see things like police officers mixing with ex-criminals, the rich mixing with the poor.

“Different races mixing together, no false pretences, just love and unity. The world would be a better place if it was more like a boxing gym.”

Daniel Kinahan with Fury before the boxer’s comeback

Kinahan has been identified in the High Court as a senior figure in organised crime here who controlled and managed the family-organised crime group he is seen to have inherited from his father Christy Kinahan.

The Kinahan crime group has also been found by the Special Criminal Court to carry out “execution-type murders to protect its core activities” as well as drugs trafficking and gun offences.

Speaking to the Herald last night, Dublin Rathdown Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond said that “full clarity” is needed that Kinahan will have “no involvement” in the proposed bout between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Daniel Kinahan cannot continue to use boxing as a tool to rehabilitate his image and whitewash his very sinister criminal past as per the ruling of our special criminal court,” he told the Herald.


“We also need to see clarity from MTK of what exact role Daniel Kinahan has with them.

Kinahan with convicted criminal Liam Brannigan

“It’s time other boxers like Billy Joe Saunders dropped Daniel Kinahan and distanced themselves from him.

“We have seen our brave journalists lead the charge in exposing Daniel Kinahan for who he is, there is much more work to be done though.”

The controversy about Dubai-based Kinahan and his efforts to reinvent himself came under the spotlight earlier this month when Tyson Fury posted a video via Twitter praising Kinahan for his role in setting up two lucrative bouts with fellow British heavyweight Anthony Joshua.

Fury took to social media to heap praise on Kinahan, but the actions of the mob boss in trying to erase his links to criminal activities, and involvement in one of the most murderous feuds here with the Hutch family which has led to 16 deaths, was met with widespread criticism.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told the Dail in recent weeks that the Department of Foreign Affairs had been in contact with authorities in the United Arab Emirates about that matter.

He said he had been “taken aback” to see Tyson Fury in his social media video mentioning Kinahan’s name.

Last week a statement from the National Communication Centre in the Middle East said: “KHK Sports is a global sports media property dedicated to the development of sports from the grass-roots level.

“KHK Sports confirms that it has discontinued engagement with Daniel Kinahan and he is no longer an adviser to KHK Sports.”

Exclusive: Tyson Fury parts ways with controversial advisor Daniel Kinahan

Fury will now work with Bob Arum of Top Rank Boxing


Tyson Fury has parted ways with Daniel Kinahan as his adviser and the negotiations for the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion’s contests with Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua – already agreed for next year – will be handled in future by Bob Arum and his Top Rank Boxing, the American promoter revealed to Telegraph Sport on Wednesday.

Kinahan has been advising Fury for the last three years, brokering his deal with ESPN and Top Rank, helping the fighter’s comeback from obesity and depression when he weighed 28st and was suffering from mental health issues, while promoter Frank Warren organised Fury’s broadcast deal with BT Sport and oversaw the boxer’s comeback in 2018 and first heavyweight title fight with Deontay Wilder in December, 2018, which ended in a controversial draw….

Attempted murder accused loses his legal challenge over ’23-hour lock-up’ on remand

Caolan Smyth (pictured) is to go on trial for attempted murder of Hutch gang associate James ‘Mago’ Gately

A remand prisoner awaiting trial for the attempted murder of an associate of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch has lost a legal challenge over his detention in the segregation unit of the Midlands Prison.

Caolan Smyth (28), of Cuileann Court, Donore, Co Meath, had issued judicial review proceedings against the governor of the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise, the Irish Prison Service and the Justice Minister over claims he was locked in a cell for 23 hours a day.

Mr Smyth is due to go on trial in the Special Criminal Court in October on a charge of the attempted murder of James ‘Mago’ Gately at a Topaz garage in Clonshaugh, Co Dublin, on May 10, 2017.


He challenged the decision of the governor to have him segregated because the prison authorities had information that there was a threat to his life.

However, the High Court ruled that Mr Smyth was not subjected to the restrictive regime he claimed.

Ms Justice Mary Rose Gearty said the decision by the prison authorities to make Mr Smyth a protected prisoner was “not arbitrary or irrational”.

“It was based on confidential information and there is no basis on which to quash that decision,” she added.

Mr Smyth claimed he was not aware of any threat to his life and did not believe the prisoners, who the prison authorities regarded as a threat, held any animosity towards him.

He said the supposed threat was “a convenient mechanism for the governor to keep me on 23-hour lock-up”, which was affecting his physical and mental health.

An assistant prison governor provided an affidavit that he had received credible information that there was a serious, continuing and viable threat to the prisoner’s life.

James ‘Mago’ Gately

He claimed the information needed to be treated as highly confidential.

Lawyers for Mr Smyth had argued that the confidential information known to the prison authorities should be open to review, and he could not make meaningful objections without knowing the reason why he was being segregated from other prisoners.

In her ruling, Ms Justice Gearty criticised Mr Smyth’s lack of candour over his failure to state in affidavits that it was his refusal to mingle with certain other prisoners that formed the basis for his claim that he was being actively prevented from associating with others.


The judge said he had been denied a request to meet with two specific prisoners.

One request was refused because of disciplinary proceedings involving the other prisoner, and the second was due to the threat to Mr Smyth from associates of the second prisoner.

Ms Justice Gearty said it was incorrect to classify Mr Smyth as a prisoner not permitted to associate with other inmates.

“He chooses to remain apart from others,” she said.

She added that Mr Smyth now accepted he was not locked in his cell for 23 hours a day and that he was afforded at least two hours’ daily recreation.

The judge said he had not provided any evidence to show that he was not permitted to engage in structured activities and had not sought to see medical staff in relation to any health issues.

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