Irish Cops mean Business, in taking down the Kinahan Cartel.

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Top cop vows to smash Kinahan cartel as evil gang slammed for ‘wreaking havoc’ on local communities

ONE of the gardai’s most senior officers has vowed to smash the Kinahan cartel who have “wreaked havoc” on communities.

Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll said it is the force’s “aim” to take down one of the world’s most infamous crime gangs believed to be worth €1billion — which is led by Daniel Kinahan.

 Assistant Garda Commissioner John O'Driscoll has               vowed to smash the Kinahan cartel
Assistant Garda Commissioner John O’Driscoll has vowed to smash the Kinahan cartel
 Evil mob boss Daniel Kinahan
Evil mob boss Daniel Kinahan

Although the senior garda would not comment specifically on Daniel, he stood by evidence given against the thug in the High Court, identifying him as a figure in organised crime on an international scale.

The Special Criminal Court has also accepted that the Kinahan cartel carry out “execution style murders.”

The Assistant Commissioner made the comments just hours after three more members of the brutal Kinahan mob were jailed over their roles in the murder plot of Patsy Hutch in 2018.


Speaking from Harcourt Square, O’Driscoll said: “I believe the progress that’s being made in the ultimate aim of dismantling the Kinahan Organised Crime group is considerable.

“The cooperation we are receiving at an international level is of great importance and that continues.

“I can assure people that our aim continues to be the total dismantling of the group and that we have proven that success can be achieved and that I can assure you that it will continue into the future.”

He added: “What is clear is that the Kinahan organised crime group have wreaked havoc on communities.

“They are involved in drug selling. It is that drug selling that has wrecked the lives of so many people within the community from where they came from themselves.”


And as revealed by the Irish Sun earlier this month, it was confirmed investigators from the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau travelled to the Middle East where Kinahan is based since 2017 as part of their probes against the Dubliner who is trying to become a powerbroker within professional boxing.

They have also travelled abroad as part of other investigations.

He said: “Basically there is a wide range of countries involved.

“Some of our investigating officers have been in those countries. I have myself been in jurisdictions in a number of continents in the last 12 months.

“And as we achieve particular success, the particular jurisdictions that we are engaging with will be revealed.”

Daniel Kinahan ‘stepping back from boxing’ amid international scrutiny

Daniel Kinahan 'stepping back from boxing' amid
            international scrutiny
Daniel Kinahan has been named in the High Court as a senior figure in an international drug and arms smuggling cartel. Picture Collins Dublin

Daniel Kinahan’s involvement in the high-profile Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua world heavyweight title fight has been thrown into doubt amid reports he has stepped away from the sport.

Kinahan had been credited with playing a key role in setting up the lucrative super-fight by Fury and promoter Bob Arum but that profile has drawn international attention to his alleged links to organised crime.

Kinahan has been named in the High Court as a senior figure in an international drug and arms smuggling cartel, which has been implicated in 18 murders here and in Spain over the last five years.

MTK Marbella, the gym co-founded by Kinahan, has now announced it will be closing its doors permanently, while Arum said Fury’s team had cut ties with Kinahan in fight negotiations.

His role as “special advisor” to a sports company owned by the Bahraini royal family, announced last month, has also been terminated.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs has made contact with UAE authorities, where Kinahan resides, about his activities.

MTK Global President Bob Yalen told The Athletic of Kinahan’s boxing hiatus while noting he has no previous convictions.

“Daniel’s going to be taking time away from the sport to focus on other interests and hopefully this will put a stop to the negative press from Ireland that’s based entirely on hearsay.

“And it’s unfortunate for his fighters that he’s taking this step back. But I respect his personal decision. He wants to do what’s right for the sport, he loves the fighters.”

“This is welcome, if true,” tweeted Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond, who had spoken out against Kinahan’s “whitewashing attempt”.

“Kinahan cannot be allowed have any role in boxing at any level, public or private.”

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