Kinahan Cartel begining to show signs of Paranoia, and Daniel on the Run, now he becomes a International Fugitive?

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Daniel Kinahan flees Dubai hideout on same day as mother-in-law laid to rest in north Dublin

And police are ready to pounce for his arrest

Daniel Kinahan

Notorious gangland boss and the once untouchable Dubliner Daniel Kinahan is said to have fled his Dubai hideout amid fears that police are ready to finally pounce for his arrest.

Intelligence-led detectives understand that the son of the crime godfather, Dapper Don Christy – the creator of the €1 billion organised crime group – is on the run from his safe haven and looking to become incognito in Central Asia.

And that news came on the same day when almost 5,000 miles away, his in-laws mourned the loss of Daniel’s partner’s mother who was laid to rest in north Dublin.

Family members and loved ones gathered in the Ayrfield area near Coolock on Wednesday as Daniel’s mother-in-law left for cremation where, unsurprisingly, he was not among the mourners.

The mounting pressure on the head honcho of the Kinahan Cartel following the unravelling of Daniel’s new boxing plan has left the Don furious after decades of running a smooth and almost problem-less organisation.

A source told The Irish Daily Mail: “Gardaí have made it clear that we are going after Daniel and there are investigations and plans at advanced stages to try and hold him criminally culpable for his activities.

“There is now intelligence that he’s opted to leave Dubai because of this mounting pressure.”

Daniel Kinahan (Image: Collins Dublin)

The fight game had planned to be their get out of jail card, pulling the wool over the eyes of some of sport’s most loved and well-respected figures – but that was never going to wash with Irish journalists, political figures and people who continue to be haunted by the family’s past.

Kinahan cartel

  • Struggling to shield from Gardai
  • Another blow as €1 million seized
  • ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson jailing victory
  • €10 million cocaine haul found

The source added: “This information is being fully checked at the moment but is being treated as very credible.”

It emerged that Dan was even the man who played a vital role in talks between a potential historic fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, a clash which would have been coined the greatest of all time, pieced together by one of the greatest mob bosses of all time.

The attempts to turn into a respected businessman and boxing promoter were helped along the way by the dream job of becoming special advisor to KHK Sports.

But since the lid has been lifted worldwide on the crime powerhouse of the Kinahan Cartel, that role has since been snatched from his greedy grasp.

L-R Tyson Fury, Daniel Kinahan (Image: Joe Ricotta / Facebook)

And one man who is determined to make sure it doesn’t stop there, is Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll.

At a special briefing in June, he warned that the Cartel’s days were numbered.

He said: “Ultimately, we believe, we can bring about the downfall of those who are at the top of the pyramid.” “It is ultimately our aim to dismantle the [Kinahan] entire crime group.

“Based on our experience we are confident that the evidence we have gained in investigations we are undertaking will result in the charging of other people.”

(Image: Gareth Chaney/Collins Photo Agency)

He said: “While I might not mention any names in particular until such time as criminal charges are brought, if we gather such evidence as to prefer criminal charges, clearly the hierarchy of people in these crime groups are being targeted.

“It is ultimately our aim to dismantle the entire crime group.

“We would say to all of those involved in organised crime that it is not too late to repair the damage to their own communities.”

Fred urges capture, trial and imprisonment for these Thugs:  The target is taking down the Hierarchy.  There is an international dimension to achieving this.  To those in prison already there must be a means to stop their ruminations while in their jail cells for up to 23 hrs a day that create harrowing punishments for those people they deem dispensable when they can no longer serve the ruthless demands of the Don et al.  Below is a shocking example as to the horrors that are created and suggests they have too much time to think, and create these horrors.  Facilitators ie bankers, Bitcoin dealings, solicitors – those who facilitate these gangs are also guilty of these most heinous crimes.  To those who are unaware of Bitcoin and the massive sums made by those who invested in same over the last number of years and this includes Gangland Ireland and its four corners of the world; this article is interesting reading:


Dutch police find torture chamber with dentist’s chair, pliers and scalpels after hack of gangsters’ encrypted network

COPS have discovered a sickening torture chamber complete with a dentist’s chair and handcuffs.

One container was soundproofed, fitted with a dentist’s chair and cops found pliers and scalpels.

 Pliers and scalpels were found in the chamber

Pliers and scalpels were found in the chamberCredit: Universal News & Sport (Scotland)

 The seven converted sea containers were soundproof and fitted inside with foil

The seven converted sea containers were soundproof and fitted inside with foilCredit: Universal News & Sport (Scotland)

 Among the cells found, one appeared to be fitted out as a torture chamber

Among the cells found, one appeared to be fitted out as a torture chamberCredit: Universal News & Sport (Scotland)

Dutch police said the discovery of the cells came after they and French cops hacked the EncroChat network, which was announced last week along with the arrest of around 800 people across Europe.

Police chief Jannine van den Berg said: “We already announced then that there was more to come. The discovery of this underworld prison is an example of this.”

Footage showed armed officers raiding the premises, situated near the southern Dutch city of Bergen op Zoom, south of Rotterdam.


They found a torture cell which was kitted out with a dentist’s chair along with gruesome equipment including pruning shears, a saw, scalpels and pliers aimed to maximise the agony.

The seven converted sea containers were soundproof and fitted inside with foil in what police believe was a bid to make them invisible to thermal imaging cameras.

All had handcuffs or manacles installed to the floor and the ceiling.

The grisly discovery was made last month by cops investigating leads generated from encrypted phones used by criminals.

They seized more than €50million cash, 77 firearms and two tons of drugs after police cracked the network.


Andy Kraag, head of Dutch police’s central investigations division said: “Six served as prison cells in which people could have been tied up and one other container had the sole purpose of being a torture chamber.”

Messages exchanged by members of the gang and intercepted by police described the warehouse in the Netherlands as the “treatment room” and appeared to discuss interrogations.

One referred to a “dog”, presumably a detainee, who had gone missing. Another said: “When I get him on the chair there will be more.”

This week, the Garda Commissioner said he believes that the hack of the communication system — which has been used by the Kinahan cartel — is “significant”.


Drew Harris said he looks forward to “reaping some of the benefits” and bringing thugs in organised crime to justice.

Encrochat, used by mobs throughout the world, was finally cracked after four years of work by international investigators last week. When it was accessed, millions of messages were traced to get info on drug dealing, the sale of illegal guns and money laundering.

Harris said: “This is all part of our work together with our international partners around organised crime.

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