Police Forces Globally are moving in? The Cartel is weakening, and sources say, many so called members are being turned over.

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Kinahan cartel ‘on brink of collapse’ as Garda leads worldwide police operation

Forces across Europe close in on boss Daniel

Under pressure: Daniel Kinahan has been identified in the High Court as a senior figure in organised crime. Photo: Sunday World

July 11th, 2020  02.30 AM

The once-powerful Kinahan cartel is on the brink of “total collapse” as it continues to be pummelled from all sides in a massive international police operation being spearheaded by the Garda Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (GDOCB).

According to a senior security source, Daniel Kinahan has been left “not knowing what way to turn” as he “doesn’t yet know what evidence the Irish, UK, Spanish and Dutch police have against him”.

The cartel’s Irish operation had been practically dismantled over the past four years since the outbreak of the so-called Kinahan/Hutch feud with the result there have been no related killings over the past two years.

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