Cork Jail was the Hell Hole of the Irish Penal System and the Staff were low life Thugs in the Uniform of the State but they represented Drunken Screws who believed they could Abuse, Intimidate and at times, try to force Prisoners into taking their own lives. Harsh but True and the People I met who did time in this Hell Hole before the new building came into use in 2010 informed me of the Hell they too went through at the hands of a dozen+ Screws who were completely out of Control. I say today to Stutter and his sidekicks – you are gone now but you must live with what you did to vulnerable people and don’t forget Stutter you began your career washing dishes for Jim and the Gang.

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Prisoner took his own                             life nine days after being moved to Cork                             ...
Prisoner took his own life nine days …

Before the new building came on stream in Cork, we had a Victorian building and I can assure you it was run by Screws with the mental capacity of jackasses on Zanax and dry gin.  I spent a long time researching the cruelty and the persecution that was dished out on a daily and nightly basis to vulnerable prisoners who were in the care of the State but sadly at the hands of these lowlife Thugs who came on night duty literally drunk and disorderly.  I say today to Stutter – you are no Chuck Norris but maybe Bootboy is – and he should have been sacked years ago too.  But poor Kevin Keavey died young after being sacked where Bootboy was promoted in the same manner as Stutter when he embarked on his journey to Spike Island.  Back to the prison regime in Cork pre 2012 – it was a brutal regime, it was on parallel with Nazism in relation to the Jews and nobody, not even the fuckin Chaplain would stand up and stop the thuggery that was administered by a well-known ring of alcoholic screws, who were out of control and never sanctioned or maybe it was!  Hello Benny – I hope you have received treatment for your alcoholism but then again you may have passed on to the Screw’s Graveyard.  The Sheriff was a ruthless bastard and a coward and he was allowed shout in the mornings “Open the Stables and let the Animals out” and the other Screws around him would laugh.  The Sheriff owed everybody money – sources tell me he would borrow even when he was at the Abbey.  Donal and Jim – how do you feel now that you are walking the streets of Cork, knowing that there are people around you who will hate you to your dying days – Why?  Because you treated fellow human beings as if they were sub-human but if you can look in the mirror at yourselves all you can see is nothing because all you are is nothing – just shit under a person’s shoe.  One man told me he was doing 6 months in 2000 when he heard a commotion on the landing and witnessed 4 Screws urging on a prisoner, because he asked to use the loo and was suffering from diarrhea – they refused to unlock his cell.  This was not enough.  The 4 Screws kept shouting into his cell – come on be a man, get the sheets, do it, do it, the following morning, my source tells me, he went to the Governor and gave him the exact summary of what happened the previous night and the Prick who was acting as Assistant Governor, his old man was a former Garda from Finglas, just laughed.  What would you call an Assistant Governor who would just laugh under these circumstances, other than another piece of shit.  There are many stories from Hell in relation to Cork jail and I have more research to do and believe me I will name the Nazi Screws in my own time and there is one especially who should be doing 3 years for a prisoner who he brought to court one day.  I still believe there is time for a Garda Inquiry into the criminal activity of certain Screws and that includes certain Chief Officers and Governors.  Do you agree Stutter?  I don’t think so but don’t worry because I will be writing again shortly.  Fred

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