Could somebody please confirm that Gardai in South Dublin investigate crime because at the moment Fred is a puzzled Bassett – a little confused. Fred wrote two articles over the last two days on Gangland Crime and Money Laundering and it was sent to hundreds of people including Garda stations across the country. This particular station sent the reply below. We cannot name it; and it was signed off by a senior officer. In the current climate many people are confused at the ignorance and arrogance of the reply in relation to the topics written by Fred Bassett.

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Email as below without naming signatory or station.


Dear Mr Bassett


I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail correspondence date 18th and 19th inst.


Please be advised that these matters are of no relevance to this office.


Yours sincerely


A member of An Garda Siochana (How best to ascend to a position of Power within the Force)

Fred concludes:  Commissioner Drew Harris about ten months ago gave a most clear statement that in the “New Dawn” in An Garda Siochana would mean that Garda personnel would interact with people.  He went on to say that from now on that there will be no vacuum and that there will be bridges built with the people the Gardai serve and it will be the beginning of rebuilding the Trust between An Garda Siochana and the people of Ireland after the fall-out of one of the most serious scandals and miscarriages of Justice (I am referring to the Maurice McCabe scandal and not forgetting John Wilson (who is always within our prayers as he has cancer)). 

Commissioner Harris stated that the Gardai cannot work without the feedback and the Trust from the people of the Republic of Ireland.  Every month we have a TV programme called Crime Call, which means the Gardai are actually Pleading for the help of the people for solving crimes in every city, town and village in Ireland.  The response above by the un-named Bozo the Clown contradicts every word the Commissioner said. 

I take my writings very seriously and I will quote another Irish man, the late Judge Frank Roe, of the Irish Circuit Court, who stated that if you did not have The Receiver; you would have a great advantage in taking down the criminals.  I was making the same point in relation to Gangland and Money Launderers and the millions that is made from illegal drugs in this country.  We  all know the infamous Kinahan cartel, we all know of the so-called Mr Big is South Dublin.  We all know of the infamous Traveller Gang in Newcastle West who are involved in the ivory and Rhino horn illegal trade and other activities involving crime. 

I am trying to figure out the mindset of the person who wrote the above reply because I would like to know how Money Laundering and the people who facilitate the Drug Lords is of no relevance to him/her or the station he is acting on behalf for the moment.  I am going to send a copy of this to Garda HQ and ask them for clarity.  My question remains simple:  Can the people call in, write in to their local Garda stations and have a talk with their friendly Bobby on topics that are relevant in the current climate. 

Commissioner Harris stressed also that Community Police is the way forward and that all Gardai should be seen on the streets and talking to the people who they have given the Oath to the people to serve and protect.  I will repeat myself, in the current climate, of 18 lives lost in the Kinahan and Hutch Feud, not counting the lives lost in the Drogheda Feud and then of course Coolock, our Gardai need the help of the people in the State’s history. Fred will close now by saying we have had Garda scandal after scandal and the people are still a little lacking in confidence and trust in dealing with An Garda Siochana but the time will come and this will be sorted out when there is a change of culture in An Garda Siochana.  Sadly the above reply goes against everything that we have learned in relation to the Morris Tribunal and the McCabe scandal.  I hope the Garda who dictated this email sits down and reflects deeply and hopefully he may have learned a lesson and some wisdom.  This is without prejudice and there is no offence intended but the reply did offend me.  It was unprofessional, Stupid and Arrogant.  Fred



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