Two women found dead in Dublin Hostel, many Questions to be asked here? One woman, it stated died from Suicide, and the other sadly Drug Overdose?

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a close up of a sign© Provided by Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited, t/a dmg Media Ireland. Two women were discovered dead at a homeless hostel in Dublin. The women were discovered at the Abigail Women’s Centre in Finglas, Dublin on Tuesday morning.It is understood that the women were found dead at two different times.a clock on the side of                     a building: Two women were discovered dead at a                     homeless hostel in Dublin. Pic: Niall Carson/PA                     Wire© Provided by Two women were discovered dead at a homeless hostel in Dublin. Pic: Niall Carson/PA WireReports suggest that one woman died by suicide, while another died from a suspected drug overdose.

Councillor Anthony Flynn from Inner City Helping Homeless said that the latest deaths took the death toll among homeless people to three people in as many days.

He said: ‘News of absolute tragedy within service Three people have died within the last three days.

‘Supports need to be implemented for staff & tenants in unit. @dualireland is required, proper access to mental health supports & wrap round services.

‘Thoughts & prayers to family.

‘@DonnellyStephen: people are dying, the supports that are required are just not in place.

‘We need radical changes in how we approach mental health & substance usage.’

A spokesperson for Novas* Housing which runs Abigail Women’s Centre said: ‘‘We can confirm the death of two women in our Abigail Centre in Dublin on Tuesday.

‘We are deeply saddened and shocked by the death of our residents and we wish to pay our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the two women.

‘Our focus now is on supporting the other women who live in the service, as well as our staff, through these tragedies. They are devastated by the loss.’

An Garda Siochana has also been contacted in relation to the deaths.

Fred says when is enough enough.  Too many people are dying yet when you access the links for these centres that provide care for homeless people; what meets you is a website that would sell snow to the Eskimos.  We need urgently to examine these centres, to examine the so-called industry that has developed around homelessness and raise questions about who pays for what and why and how much is being paid by monies raised for charitable works.  We need urgent Transparency and Accountability.  As I have said there are too many murders, too many overdoses, too many suicides and who is responsible for looking after our most vulnerable people?  Please check out the link above and comment.

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