Gangland Murder at 11am and Drug Seizures – just a Normal Monday, Sadly? on the Streets of Ireland.

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Notorious criminal ‘may have feared attack’ as he shot man dead in his mother’s doorway

Victim ‘who was seeking revenge’ is hit by eight bullets in broad daylight

A member of the Garda Technical Bureau and senior detectives at the scene of the fatal shooting in Ballyfermot. Photos: Steve Humphreys

A 55-year-old man riddled with bullets in the latest gangland murder may have been targeted by a notorious local criminal who feared he was going to be attacked by the victim first.

Thomas McCarthy was shot at least eight times when he opened the door of his mother’s home to a gunman at 11am yesterday at Croftwood Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin.

Gardaí are investigating whether McCarthy travelled back to the capital from his home in England to “seek retribution” after a 25-year-old local criminal brutally assaulted a woman who was well known to the victim.


Revenue seize almost €60,000 worth of drugs and cigarettes from mail centres

Revenue seize almost €60,000 worth of drugs                       and cigarettes from mail centres

Revenue Officers have seized over €59,000 worth of herbal cannabis and smuggled cigarettes.

Two separate operations in the Dublin and Athlone Mail Centres uncovered the illegal goods.

Seven parcels were seized in the Dublin Mail Centre having come from Spain, in which 1.6kg of cannabis was discovered by a detector dog, Bailey.

The parcels were being sent to addresses in Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow and Mayo.

In Athlone, 65 parcels were seized, containing 880g of cannabis and over 13,000 cigarettes.

The drugs, worth about €17,500, were found in 35 separate parcels originating in the UK and US, while the cigarettes, worth over €9,000 were found in 30 separate parcels from China.

The parcels in Athlone were addressed to Dublin, Kildare, Carlow and Tipperary.

Investigations are ongoing in relation to all seizures and Revenue is appealing to anyone with information regarding smuggling to contact them on 1800 295 295.

Fred:  When do we ever win the battle over the drug barons who seek out the young and most vulnerable to do their dirty deeds of trade in heroin, cocaine and I must include soft drugs because only too often they are just a stepping stone to heroin, cocaine and so many more.  Helmand yes South West Afghanistan is the place of origin for  two thirds of the supply of cocaine/heroin.  Most of the 500 soldiers of the UK army who died at war, died in Helmand province.  This did not hinder productivity of the crop of cocaine.  Opportunities came from solar power.  No diesel and machines not working properly anymore.  No they pay $5,000 and the access to solar and they can pump the water that enhances their crop.  It goes without saying that supply is growing faster than ever.  We must not forget the pure destruction cocaine is wreaking on our society and what concerns us immediately is  our country Ireland.  Being aware is important.


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