Social Madness in Kilkee in Co Clare, this sadly is a reminder of more Chaos to come.

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                    traffic light at night© Cllr Cillian Murphy Twitter

GARDAÍ HAVE ARRESTED nine people in Co Clare after photos posted on social media showed groups of young people gathering in Kilkee on Saturday night.

Local Fianna Fáil Councillor Cillian Murphy yesterday described the behaviour of those gathered near Kilkee beach as “truly shocking”.

In a statement on social media, Murphy highlighted the mess left behind on Saturday night as well as the public safety measures that have now been put in place.

Murphy also requested extra garda resources for the town.

“I’m living in Kilkee for over 30 years and I cannot ever remember this sort of behavior on anything like this scale before.

“I have been up since 6:30 this morning dealing with the consequences of last nights “event”, helping our ground crew pick up the litter, smashed glass, tidying up the vandalized shelters etc.

“I have seen a number of videos from last night posted publicly on other social media feeds and the behavior on display is truly shocking.

“I have also been on to the Gardaí this morning asking for a significant allocation of extra resources up to and including the public order unit for the future.

“The bandstand and it’s surrounds will be blocked off by CCC on public health grounds this evening at 6pm.

“I can only ask that parents know where their teenage children are at all times this evening.”

Clare County Council, meanwhile, called for “responsible behaviour” over the bank holiday weekend after videos were posted to social media showing crowds of young people in Kilkee.

The council issued the appeal in a statement saying “footage emerged on social media that appears to show people gathering in Kilkee in contravention of Covid-19 public health guidelines”.

It said the pandemic had not gone away and it was “vital we all continue to adhere to physical distancing and other public health guidelines”.

Gardaí confirmed that nine people had been arrested for public order offences in Kilkee, Co Clare over the course of Saturday evening.

Two male youths were released and will be dealt with by way of the Youth Diversion Programme. Two men and one woman have been dealt with by way of adult caution.

One man was released without charge.

Three men have since been charged and are due to appear before Kilrush District Court on 15 September.


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