The Criminal Trial Collapse of the Decade, and the Silence is Deafening, but sadly the Feud is far from over. The War on Organised Crime continues, and the Drug Seizures expands across Ireland.

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Kinahan cartel target Patrick Hutch Jr has ‘three options’ following collapse of Regency Hotel murder trial

‘His fellow clan members have a secure gated community and while attacks have been made on property the [Kinahan] gang has struggled to get to him’

Patrick Hutch

Following the collapse of his murder trial on Wednesday, Patrick Hutch Jnr left court a free man and then took off as a passenger on a high-powered motorbike.

Sources believe the 25-year-old Dubliner, who is now a top target for the Kinahan crime cartel, has three available options.

The Ballybough Hutch enclave in the north inner city has become a stronghold for clan members, some of whom are also under death threat.

“There is no immediate intelligence where he could be but gardai are waiting for a retaliatory strike against the Hutches.”

As we revealed previously The Hutch group have property interests in Florida but this is an unlikely destination for him.

“The Hutch clan have worked up a big security situation for themselves in Dublin and are in a sense prisoners in their own armoured homes.

“The risk for them is that his presence in Dublin could put other people at risk.

“Behind it all armed units are on high alert and they are certain there will be a strike.

“It is not a matter of if but when they attack.”

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