Taoiseach’s team of special advisers will cost €600,000 a year. Taoiseach Micheál Martin is assembling a team of special advisers that are set to cost taxpayers over €600,000 per year. The Fianna Fáil leader has in recent weeks assigned a total of six advisers to work with him in the Office of the Taoiseach. The Government was heavily criticised in recent weeks over the number of advisers being appointed by the party leaders and ministers. Martin is the weakest FF Leader in its History. Where are our Senior Public and Civil Servants, this is another Scandal, while people in Cork suffer as printed below. Why?

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Staff and families hold vigil to keep Cork care home open

Staff and families hold vigil to keep Cork care           home open

Catherine Cummins, Dripsey and Frank O Flaherty, with Georgina Flavin at the vigil held as part of the campaign to prevent the closure of Cara House which is due to close this month.Picture: Damian Coleman


Cara House, also known as Mount Cara, on Redemption Rd, is a 25-bed home to 15 current residents, opened more than 30 years ago.

The board of management has said that due to Covid-19 and a reduction in occupancy that it will be closed.

Staff gathered at the vigil insisted they had been told in early June that the facility would stay open, only for a reversal last month.

They had been told it would close in late August, staff claimed, but that deadline is now believed to be uncertain.

Families and staff have called on the HSE to step in and save the facility, which the health body says it cannot do.

According to company accounts for 2019, with statements approved by the board of directors on April 28, Cara House saw a surplus of €22,467 for the financial year.


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