A view from a brave woman, about Garda Behaviour in Donegal Town, during a Pandemic? Over the years, Donegal has had Tribunals that cost Millions in relation to Garda Corruption, and their dreadful Attitude towards the Public. An Garda Siochana are supposed to serve the people. Well done Agnes.

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Sorry but i dont know if i am replying to the right person. Heres my story….i was in a town in Ireland eating a bag of chips. Saw a patrol car drooling at me….like a dog to a bone. I said to my sister …why are they looking at us. He lowered his window and informed me i was on a double yellow line. I said God sorry I just reversed into the space. His colleague started raising his voice saying……at what point did u see the double yellow line. Apart from this conversation to and fro They held up the traffic and made me feel like I was a criminal. Seriously???? I always treated then Gardai with respect as I have family in the force but how they spoke to me so unprofessional. I have lost total respect. In this pandemic i thought people would have learned more but not the Gardai. Gardai in most towns are respectful but Donegal Town is a bullying town. Learn respect. Its not Daniel Kinnahan u are dealing with. Ive lost all respect for the force. BIG TIME

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