What really is going on in Balbriggan? Why the main Media Blackout, Locals live in Fear.

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Why the media blackout on gangs and house burning in Balbriggan?

Why the media blackout on gangs and house burning in         Balbriggan?

For the last two days, Balbriggan has been trending on Twitter, with dozens of videos and photos circulating on social media of a house reportedly on fire, and gangs of young people fighting nearby.


Most of the mainstream media, with a few exceptions, have chosen to ignore what’s happening in Balbriggan. This seems strange: suspected arson and gangs of youth engaged in violent and disorderly behaviour, especially during a lockdown, is surely newsworthy.


Radio host Niall Boylan was one of just a handful who drew attention to the story.

Dublin Live also covered it. However, RTE and the national newspapers have ignored the growing problems faced by locals in the area.

Last year, Pat Kenny for Newstalk paid a visit to the area to reassure everyone that there were no gangs in Balbriggan.

The videos circulating on social media would seem to contradict that narrative.

Yet many locals who protested the Garda station in 2017 feel their concerns have not been met with action.

Some local Councillors and TDs are now responding to growing local concerns by acknowledging the problem.

For most of the media, however, the strange blackout of

any news from Balbriggan remains.


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