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Hesitancy of witness in the case against Brady shows that Sinn Féin simply isn’t a normal Dáil party:  Super Cop (Big ?) is back, Marry from Mayo, the Legend that took down Brady all on his own? Wrong, there were many decent Cops who worked on the case, and unlike Flash Gordon Marry, they dont seek self Adulation in every paper and Comic across the country?

Hugh O’Connell

Convicted: Aaron Brady

If a Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Green, or Labour activist had crucial information about one of the most notorious murders in the history of the State, it is unlikely they would feel the need to seek approval from their party before approaching An Garda Síochána.

But that was not so for a crucial witness in the case against Aaron Brady – convicted of the capital murder of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe – according to retired Garda Detective Inspector Pat Marry who led the investigation.

Yesterday, Mr Marry said the witness was reluctant when first contacted as he needed to get “sanction” from Sinn Féin.

Fred says:-  I knew Flash Gordon Marry would be back.  Now let us put the record straight.  According to my sources Hugh O’Connell paid up member of Fine Gael so he has his objectives also.  Now, back to sources, the witness was scared. Of course he was scared and Marry with another Garda made contact with Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams and they were given an open door with total transparency and clearcut straight talking.  The result is as plain as the Blue Sky, Sinn Fein encouraged the witness to go forward and Tell the Facts and the Whole Truth and this is exactly what the barman from New York did.  Marry now yearns for PR because he is now in Civvy Street and he cannot be the arrogant Idiot he used to be when he was a member of the Gardai.  I keep repeating myself but it wasn’t Marry on his own who brought down Brady but it was a collective of hard working cops who don’t seek the high ground like Flash Gordon Marry.  Sinn Fein did nothing wrong here but they did the right thing and now they are being called abnormal.  Well if this is the case, can someone please define normal to me.  Marry never made Supt and this really has him with nightmares; he just didn’t have the necessary social skills and the ignorance mixed with arrogance to the sources I know made him disliked in many quarters.  Yes, he was part of the investigation but can he not go back to his PI new job and trace the missing cats and dogs around Dundalk and Drogheda and let’s throw in the odd Budgie from the Flying Squad.  As I said before, I had the uncomfortable experience of meeting Marry down the years and he had no mannerisms which one expects from a member of An Garda Siochana.  It took him two decades to get a doctor before the courts and you will never hear speak about the Drogheda Feud or the Drug Culture in Ireland.  I wish Pat well in his retirement and I hope he attends some evening classes on the basics of how to say hello without roaring like a Jack Ass over a hedge.  Fred


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