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Captured on CCTV – suspect flees scene after garda’s car is torched

The suspect leaves the scene outside Bridewell Garda Station as the officer’s car burns in the background

This is the suspect gardaí are looking for in relation to a brazen arson attack on an off-icer’s car outside the station he was working in.

The incident happened outside Bridewell garda station on Chancery Street in the north inner city at 10.30pm last Thursday.

The male suspect, who can be seen fleeing the scene, was wearing a baseball cap, black and blue jacket and black face mask.

He was carrying a shopping bag, which has since been recovered along with a petrol canister, after they were discarded close to the scene.

They are now being examined by investigators.

Our exclusive CCTV image also shows the officer’s 09 registration black BMW 3 series ablaze, but it has emerged that, although the vehicle was destroyed, the flames did not spread to other cars.


“Gardaí from the station were able to put out the fire with the help of Dublin Fire Brigade, which was a good thing because if it had taken full hold, it could have spread to a number of other vehicles that were in the area,” a source said.

“There is nothing to suggest this was anything other than a random act of criminal damage rather than retribution or intimidation for any case that the garda may be working on.

“What is not in doubt to the investigation team is that the suspect knew he was targeting a car owned by a garda because of where the vehicle was parked, directly outside the station.

“After setting fire to the car by using petrol, the suspect left the scene in the direction of Church Street.

“A full investigation is in place so that he can be identified and arrested.

Officers were examining CCTV footage last night in a bid to catch the arsonist.

“Gardaí are investigating all the circumstances surrounding the criminal damage of a car by fire which occurred on Chancery Street on Thursday night at approximately 10.30pm,” a garda spokesman said.

“The vehicle has been removed for technical examination.”


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