Just a few years back, here is big Phil Arrogant Hogan, living the life in Doha, with a very personal Press Secretary yes, Big Phil lives it up, on Budget week, what has Changed? Nothing, Why? Is Big Phil Untouchable? Time will tell?

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The day that is in it makes it far, far worse. Budget.


Just hours before Michael Noonan gets up to deliver what will, in all likelihood, be yet another Budget of cutbacks and tax increases, his Cabinet colleague is all over every newsagent’s window enjoying a drink in a five-star hotel in Doha.

The Irish Daily Mail story, from Senan Molony and Tahira Yaqoob, shows the Minister relaxing on Sunday night after attending a UN climate change conference. The 10-strong Irish party that attended included Hogan’s press secretary, Yvonne Hyland, the woman pictured with him on the front page.

The Mail say the cheapest room in the Kempinski Hotel is €605 a night, but it also quotes the department, which claim the cost was about €150 a night. They also tell us Hogan paid his €55 drink bill in cash.

We imagine that Big Phil was a bit red-faced at this morning’s Cabinet meeting. He can probably expect some slagging from the opposition later today too.

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