Gubu Gubu, FF are back, this time with the Blue Shirts. Sources inform me, Brian Hayes former FG Minister, attended the Piss Up, with 3 guests, all Vulture Fund Directors. Disgusting if this is the case; same Vultures who are putting Irish people out of their Family Homes. These Vultures being Dined and Wined by the Golfgate Gobshites, Gubu Gubu…

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High Profile names who Attended Golfgate Elites Dinner, in Clifden.


As the fallout from the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner in Clifden rolls on, the apologies continue to roll in.

Six Oireachtas members were there, just one day after new restrictions were announced to combat the spread of Covid-19.

These included the Minister for Agriculture Dara Calleary and a number of current and former TDs and Senators – but who else attended?

#Golfgate – who was on the guest list?

  • Noel Grealish – Independent TD for Galway West
    Lorraine Higgins – Former barrister & Labour Party Senator from Galway
    Frank Fahey – Former Galway West TD, Fianna Fáil
Noel Grealish TD & former Senator Lorraine Higgins
  • Dara Calleary – Fianna Fáil TD, Mayo & Minister for Agriculture for just one month
    Phil Hogan – Former Fine Gael Minister & current European Commissioner
    Noel Dempsey – Former Fianna Fáil Minister
    Brian Hayes – Former Fine Gael TD & MEP
    Donie Cassidy – Businessman & former Fianna Fáil TD
    Niall Blaney – Fianna Fáil Senator, Donegal
    Paddy Burke – Fine Gael Senator, Mayo
    John Flaherty – Health and Safety official in Leinster House
    Aidan Davitt – Fianna Fail Senator, Westmeath
    Jerry Buttimer – Fine Gael Senator, Cork
    John Cummins – Fine Gael Senator, Waterford
    Sean O’Rourke – Former RTÉ broadcaster

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