This Circus goes on, now Reports coming in, that Martin, poor Leo, Hogans Boss in FG, and Sleeping Pluto Ryan are so much in awe of Big Phil, it is Alleged all three Stooges are wearing Pampers, Large, because they are Pee,,,ing their boxers, bless them with shame. Fear is an Awful condition?

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More claims made against Phil Hogan after reports of K Club Dinner. Big Phil loved the good life ,fine wine, fine food, and the Covid Laws are for the Irish People, not Big Phil???

There have been fresh claims made against EU Commissioner Phil Hogan, with allegations that he was seen breaking Ireland’s COVID-19 regulations in the K Club.

Hogan has come under increasing pressure in the fallout of the ‘Golfgate’ saga, which saw him and 80 others attend an Oireachtas Golf Society dinner in Clifden.

This scandal caused the resignation of Dara Ceallery and Hogan is facing calls to do the same from his EU post.

Phil Hogan
Hogan’s fate now lies in the hands of the EU President Ursula von der Leyen who will examine his report later today

In a statement on Tuesday night, the leaders of the three Government parties said that “concerns remain” about Hogan’s movements after arriving in Ireland. Earlier, Hogan had disputed on the Six One news that he hadn’t broken any rules.

Then, this morning, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly slammed Hogan’s actions on national radio.

But there have been new claims made by members of the public which could undermine the Commissioner.

According to the Irish Times, an unnamed woman saw Hogan dine with two other guests on July 31st — the night he flew into Ireland from Brussels.

“We were there for our wedding anniversary; he was seated at the table behind us with two other gentlemen,” she said.

A general view of the gated community at the K Club golf course in Co Kildare where EU commissioner Phil Hogan has a home.
The president of the European Commission has requested further details about her trade supremo’s attendance at a controversial golf dinner in Ireland. PIC: PA

The revelations directly contradict Hogan’s claims that he flew into Ireland on July 31st and “self-isolated for the days up to the 5th of August”, when he tested negative for Covid-19 at a medical appointment.

Furthermore, the paper also discovered that Hogan made a social visit to Roscommon on August 17th. This was not disclosed in the itinerary of his movements published by the European Commission.

phil hogan
Phil Hogan has offered his ‘fulsome and profound apology’ for attending the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner for 81 people in Clifden.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had called for clarity on the issue. She has urged Hogan to conduct an interview with the media to answer questions about these issues.

President von der Leyen will now consider the explanation and documents provided to her by Hogan.

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