Enda the Cute Mayo Wh…, is back, how many Pensions has our ex Taoiseach, and now RTE hand Enda his own TV Programme, Cronyism is alive and well at Montrose? Why not give young people a Chance, who have no Job, never nind 4 pensions….

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Full steam ahead as Kenny to present RTÉ show

Ex-Taoiseach to front series on railway history

During his six years as Taoiseach, Enda Kenny was tipped a few times for big Brussels jobs.

But while he is not in the running to take Phil Hogan’s old job at the EU Commission, another potential career opening beckons – this time as a television presenter.

Later this year the former Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader will front a television series on RTÉ 1 about old Irish railways from times past. Mr Kenny, a fluent Irish speaker, will present the series in Irish.

The online Irish-language news service, Tuairisc.ie, reports that the series is made for the national broadcaster by the company Feiristeach Sonas Productions, which has made many successful programmes for RTÉ and the BBC.

It is understood the company has already taped three programmes in the series due to be broadcast late this year and early in 2021.

Mr Kenny is understood to be enjoying revisiting the old railways in Mayo and adjoining counties, as well as throughout the country.

Always a keen student of history, he is developing a new-found interest in railway history.

RTÉ is also planning a series based on bringing other well-known personalities back to the Gaeltacht to have a second go at learning Irish.

But this series, called Réalta na Gaeltachta (Gaeltacht Stars), has so far been delayed at the planning stage due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The former Mayo TD will be hoping to emulate the success of former British Tory minister Michael Portillo, who has a very successful series on railway history and nostalgia on BBC television.

The irony in Mr Portillo’s case is that he was part of UK governments which continued the retrenchment of railway services in that country.

The evisceration of Irish railways mainly occurred in the decades Enda’s father, Henry Kenny, served as a TD and eventually a junior government minister.

Luckily some railways survived in his native Co Mayo, unlike other counties.

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