Some of the Main Players in the Kinahan Drug Cartel and the Hutch Gang, a feud that cost 18 Lives in the inner city of Dublin, and it is far from over yet.

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Two veteran Irish criminals, one vicious feud, two cold-blooded assassinations. Who’s who in the Gang War?

The Scene of the shooting dead of Eddie Hutch Snr on Poplar Row. PA

CHRISTY KINAHAN – Kinahan (58) is the son of a dairy firm manager and home was a Victorian terrace on Charleville Road in Phibsborough.

He shed his respectable family background for drugs. When he was busted for heroin in the 1980s, he spent his time behind bars studying for two degrees. He famously refused early release in 2001 so that he could finish a degree in prison. He moved to the Continent in 2003, and is suspected of building up a drugs supply network through Russian, north African and Colombian dealers. Police believe he owns properties worth €500m in Brazil and €160m in Spain. In keeping with his new-found drug tycoon status, he has a penchant for smart suits and panama hats and he flies to Dublin, London and Las Vegas for boxing fixtures with his sons and henchmen. His ex-wife, who died last year, lived modestly in Dublin. Kinahan spent a few months behind bars in 2010 after a raid by Spanish police.

He was never prosecuted and is now a suave Mafia Godfather who directs an international drug supply operation from his €6m villa in Estepona on the Costa del Sol.

He remains head of what one Spanish politician called a Mafia family that are “relatively well-known in the United Kingdom, a little less known in Spain” but are “established” on the Costa del Sol.


Christy’s son, Daniel, a boxing promoter, is suspected of running the day-to-day operations of his father’s empire. He lives in a villa in Guadalmina. It is believed he was the main target in the Regency Hotel attack.

Daniel Kinahan



Christopher operates in his brother’s shadow on the Costa del Sol, also suspected of being active in his father’s drugs empire and also active in boxing. Christopher and Daniel were arrested along with their father in the police crackdown on the Kinahan mob in 2010, but were never charged.


His name has not cropped up in this feud, but Cunningham has been a close associate of Kinahan’s. He served 17 years for kidnapping the late Jennifer Guinness. His crime pedigree includes armed robbery in the 1970s and running with Martin ‘The General’ Cahill and his gang.


From Tallaght, Rice, a convicted armed robber, is regarded as a suspected bagman for the Kinahan gang, calling in debts and enforcing punishment for non-payment. Rice fell out with the Kinahans when his friend, Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh, a henchman for the gang, was murdered by his own side in Spain.


Thompson is a suspected drug dealer from Crumlin who fled to Spain after falling foul of rival dealers and worked for the Kinahan gang. He was best friends with Gary Hutch, the Monk’s nephew whose murder led to the current bloody feud. Thompson recently spent time in jail and went to Amsterdam when he got out. Hours after the Regency attack, he flew to Dublin on a flight from Amsterdam. On Monday night, hours after the murder of Eddie Hutch, Thompson was seen coming out of David Byrne’s family home in Crumlin and driving off. Gardai, who chased him, noticed blood on his tracksuit and shoes and arrested him, but he was released without charge.

Freddie Thompson



Brother of David, who was shot dead in the Regency. Liam was also a suspected target. He is a cousin of Freddie Thompson and is suspected of being a player in the Irish arm of the Kinahan gang, from his base in Crumlin. He has been spotted in a €200,000 Range Rover accompanying the Kinahan brothers when they fly into Dublin from their Costa base, ostensibly on boxing business.


Hutch (52) became a household name as ‘The Monk’ in the 1990s and was one of the city’s biggest criminals. He paid off a €1.5m bill to the Criminal Assets Bureau and then retreated out of the limelight to enjoy his allegedly stolen millions. He and his siblings grew up in poverty in the north inner city, and in a famous RTE interview in 2008 he claimed he turned to crime to feed and clothe himself. At 23 he was the suspected mastermind in the robbery of €1.6m from a security van in Marino Mart in the north inner city in 1987. Eight years later, he was the prime suspect in the robbery of €3.5m from a cash storage facility in north county Dublin. He was never charged with the crimes.

Gerry Hutch has become a household name due to the bloody gangland feud that has engulfed Dublin city.


He moved his family to middle-class Clontarf, got a taxi licence and invested his money in properties. CAB believed he owned a commercial building on Drury Street, close to Grafton Street, and four properties on Buckingham Street and hid €130,000 in a Northern Ireland bank account in his wife’s name. He now spends a lot of time in Lanzarote. He said he has retired from crime.


Gerry Hutch’s older brother, a father of five, made his living as a taxi driver and lived with his partner on Poplar Row in the north inner city. The last brushes he had with gardai came when he was drawn into the CAB’s investigation into Gerry’s money. He had €160,000 in a bank account which was frozen by the bureau. When the Kinahan gang were looking to avenge David Byrne’s murder, Eddie Hutch was considered a soft target. He had just returned home with his partner on Friday night when gunmen burst in.

Eddie Hutch



Derek is the Monk’s nephew and a younger brother of Gary Hutch. He was said to have “gone mad” when he heard of his uncle Eddie’s murder, but there is little he can do about it. He is in jail, and has been targeted for assassination by the Kinahan gang after Friday’s gun attack. Del Boy was moved to a protected wing of Wheatfield Prison on Friday night. Hutch, a cocaine addict, has a long criminal record. He is inside for a robbery in Lucan and for stabbing a man to death.

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch



The murder of Gary Hutch has sparked all-out war between two veteran crime gangs. The Kinahan gang suspected Hutch of being a police informer and ordered his assassination. He was shot dead while fleeing from a gunman in Spain last year. The Kinahans wanted to meet Gerry Hutch, to explain themselves. The Hutch gang still defer to The Monk. Some sources say they wanted Gerry to pay the €200,000 they claimed his nephew cost them in a failed drugs deal.

Gary Hutch



So far, Dublin’s north city, stomping ground of the extended network of Hutch associates. Gardai fear reprisals in Crumlin, the south inner city enclave, where many Kinahan loyalists are based, and the Costa del Sol, where ‘Mobfather’ Christy Kinahan remains removed from the bloodbath in his high-security villa.


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