Fat Freddie last of the Summer Whingers, finding doing Porridge very Depressing. Well Freddie you have Time on your hands to Reflect, on your Life?

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Convicted Murderer Fat Freddie Thompson Whinging about his Prison conditions in Portlaoise, he claims he is Deprived of his Human Rights? No Fresh Air, and no Access to Education Classes, Fat Freddie had no problem in the Taking the life of Daithi Douglas and denying him the Divine Right to live? Fat Freddie is taking a case against three Prison Officers, stating they are Bullying him? Poor Fat Freddie, he has a long way to go at least 20 years, the price you pay, for Daniel Kinahan and the Faltering Cartel. It is now believed in Gangland Circles, that some of the Cartels major players doing long sentences, are turning and giving Vital Information about the Cartel’s Cell Structure, for a deal on getting early Release, it is at this point, not Confirmed, but Daniel Kinahan must be feeling the Heat?

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