Could we have another Garda Scandal in Relation to Leaks, which took down a FF Government Minister Barry Cowen, and the other Strange Phone call which Added Pressure on Phil Hogan to Resign. Another Murky Road lies ahead, both Leaks, it is Alleged, came from Kildare Garda Stations, where FG have strong Connections. Who really told Drew Harris, and what was the real Motive? As for Barry Cowen, read Jody Corcoran’s piece in the Sunday Indo yesterday, this is getting like MI5 and MI6 really Dark Shadows, and the Timing on the Cowen Leak is Alarming. Many names keep popping up, but could we have another Major Scandal here concerning Rogue Gardai, connected to certain Politicial Parties? Could we have another Garda Commissioner Resigning?

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Justice Minister told Taoiseach that Phil Hogan was stopped by Gardai for using phone while driving

The revelation drove another nail into the former EU Commissioner’s political coffin as he reeled from the ‘golfgate’ dinner scandal.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee said it was her “duty” to inform the Taoiseach that Phil Hogan had been stopped by Gardai for using a phone while driving.

The revelation drove another nail into the former EU Commissioner’s political coffin as he reeled from the ‘golfgate’ dinner scandal.

There were questions over how the motoring offence went up the chain of command from the Garda who stopped Mr Hogan to Taoiseach Micheal Martin.

It sparked concern when it emerged Garda Commissioner Drew Harris decided to inform the Justice Minister himself.

Commissioner Harris used the controversial Section 41 clause in the Garda Siochana Act which allows him to brief the Government on any matters he decides are relevant to issues such as peace, security or the accountability of the Government.

Speaking on RTÉ radio, Ms McEntee said she had a “duty” to inform the Taoiseach.

Phil Hogan addresses a press conference on Brexit (Image: Getty Images)
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She said the Garda Commissioner has the power under various pieces of legislation to pass on information.

A Garda spokesman told the Irish Mirror: “The Commissioner has a duty under law to keep the Minister of Justice and the Secretary General of the Department of Justice informed of any matters as outlined in Section 41.

She said: “When the Garda Commissioner informs me and informs government, I believe it’s my duty then to inform the Taoiseach.”

“Otherwise, the Minister is kept apprised of matters routinely as required.”

The leaks and the fallout: why we haven’t heard the last of the Cowen and Hogan controversies

  — There have been two lethal leaks in the short life of this Government, leading to the sacking of a Cabinet minister and the resignation of a European commissioner. Both, at some point in their gestation, have involved the gardaí. This should trouble the new Garda Commissioner, who may have thought nothing could top his policing under the political hegemony of Sinn Féin and the DUP but didn’t reckon on the shotgun marriage of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. a day agoOpen in Who Shared Wrong byline?


 — It is never a pleasant business, this taking down of a big beast in politics. Phil Hogan knows it more than anybody. He has stabbed a fair few in the back himself, all the while smiling to their face. The most nervous man in Ireland now is Leo Varadkar. Hogan suspects he had a hand in leaking to the media the garda commissioner’s mobile phone misdemeanour juicy morsel. Two years ago, Hogan approached me at the K Club, where he keeps an apartment.  

Varadkar eyes Europe as Big Phil ‘plots revenge’

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