Do we have a 2 Tier Legal System in Ireland, just like in Health. Yes we do, most of our Prisons are full of young men from Deprived Areas of Dublin, same in Cork, Limerick, and Galway. In some households there are 3 generations going to Prison. We need Change, but we need collaboration, policy changes and implementation. I will get back to Change at a later date. In a Irish Court where you come from, and who your parents are, sadly has a major influence on Sentencing. Now today I write on two separate cases below.

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Yesterday in an Irish court a woman with severe alcohol addiction problems received a 3 month prison sentence for stealing three bottles of cider worth the value of e12. Imagine three months in prison – it is hard to believe but it is fact. This woman needs help not locked gates and more than likely sharing a prison cell.

On the other side of the divide, we have Posh Boy Allen from Cork, from the Ballymaloe Dynasty who has literally given the Irish State the two fingers. He was caught again some weeks ago at a routine check point under the influence of drugs. This is his third time in two years – he has broken the conditions of his temporary release and still walks around Cork without a care in the world. Do you see the point I am trying to establish here?

My next piece, I must tread softly. We had a TD’s son, arrested a couple of years ago and the poor young man, was dragged through every paper in print in this country. Gardai made sure they leaked out the story. Then we have another TD’s son who almost murdered a young woman in South Dublin and who is now completing a lengthy sentence and this hardly received a headline. Even our media now are part of the establishment ie especially the mainstream media. Some of our best investigative journalists have left to become Government advisers too.

Now I come to the most bizarre acts of total arrogance presented for a very long time. A convicted paedophile, named John Devereux, on August 18th last, while working as a mechanic at a garage, in the Meath area, left work at 5.30 pm and drove a Garda squad car 40 km to his home. Just let me repeat this – a convicted paedophile in a marked Garda squad car going home as if he was a member of the Force. Only for a sharp eyed neighbour saw him getting off the squad car in his driveway and she diligently phoned the local garda station in Balbriggan. Gardai had to come from Ashbourne Garda station to retrieve the patrol car. Devereux has not been arrested which is more astonishing and the Gardai have cancelled all contracts with the garage where this paedophile works re servicing their patrol cars.

I could go on all day with examples of this. I will conclude now on one more point seeing that the Judge in question, is now retired (Cork). His nickname is Padlock Patwell and I will go further in saying, in my opinion, he was one of the most despicable human beings I have ever met in my life, yet RTE have him on, giving his opinion, on juvenile and general crime in Ireland. RTE never fail to amaze me. Fred

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