More news in Relation to Kinahan Cartel, goes back about 2 years, but the Cartel now has many Enemies waiting in the high Grass?

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Traveller crime family flees as Kinahan mob hires hitmen to collect €400k

West Dublin gangland criminal Jason 'Jay' O'Connor

West Dublin gangland criminal Jason ‘Jay’ O’Connor

Members of the Kinahan cartel have enlisted two feared hitmen to collect a €400,000 debt which the mob is understood to have bought from another criminal.

The massive debt is owed by a senior member of a notorious Midlands Traveller crime family and such is the massive threat against them that a number of members have fled the town that they are based in over the past couple of weeks.

This situation is so serious that a special policing plan involving an increase in armed garda patrols has been put in place because of the grave nature of the threat. can reveal that associates of notorious west Dublin gangland criminal Jason ‘Jay’ O’Connor and a ruthless young hitman-for-hire from Blanchardstown have been “enlisted” to retrieve the debt.

Members of the family that the cartel linked gangsters are targeting are involved in a multitude of organised crimes including “money lending, armed robberies, handling stolen goods, drug dealing and Traveller feuding” according to sources.

However they are “no match” for the firepower of the Dublin based hitmen who have been enlisted to target them.

“It is commonplace in gangland for a debt to be bought and sold between different organised crime groupings,” a source explained last night.

“In this case there is a degree of uncertainty over what the €400,000 is originally owed for but it is understood that the Traveller crime organisation had no idea that they would end up in this much trouble over not paying it back,” the source added.

Specialist gardai are continuing to monitor the tense situation but there have been no incidents so far.

One of the hitmen who has been enlisted to target the family was previously the subject of a major garda alert in April of last year officers received information that the thug who is aged in his 20’s was driving around in a high powered Audi car and was intending to shoot either Alan ‘Fatpuss’ Bradley or his younger brother Wayne.

On the night, the up-and-coming criminal was involved in a car chase with gardai in Dunboyne, Co Meath but was not arrested.

The other criminal who is suspected of being “on the job” is a very close associate of Jason ‘Jay’ O’ Connor (38) whose pals are suspected of being behind the brutal murder of convicted criminal Kane McCormack (24) who was shot dead on the orders of the Kinahan cartel last December.

In the aftermath of the fatal shooting, gardai raided the west Dublin home of ‘Jay’ O’Connor but he has not been arrested in the case which detectives believe had been planned for weeks.

O’Connor and his associates have been involved in a separate bitter feud in west Dublin which has resulted from a fall-out between former members of the infamous ‘Westies’ gang.

Jay’ O’ Connor has survived a number of attempts on his life and he was a suspect in the murder of Lithuanian crime boss Gintaras Zelvys in 2013 and was arrested in relation to the hit before being released without charge.

He survived at least two assassination attempts in 2015 and, in the aftermath of one of these incidents, the criminal reacted with a rant to a newspaper reporter.

“I’ll tell you a story, there’s going to be a f***ing war in Blanchardstown – they are f***ing dead, stone f***ing dead,” he said.

O’Connor was previously in the headlines when he had two fingers chopped off with an axe in a horrific attack by Real IRA members.

This is believed to have been carried out under the direction of their slain boss Alan Ryan in May 2012.

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