This Irish Historical House must not be Demolished? This is part of our History, we need to Protect and value our past Heroes, the FF led Government should stop this Outrage Urgently?

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Protest over plans to demolish historical house in south Dublin

Friday, September 11th, 2020 4:33pm

The house in Herbert Park is the former home of one of the leaders of the Easter Rising.

40 Herbert Park was once the home of Michael Joseph O’Rahilly, the only leader of the 1916 Rising to die in battle.

Developers now want to tear it down to make room for a 12-storey premium apartment complex and An Board Pleanala has just given it the green light.

Jim Connolly from the 1916 Relatives Alliance says leveling the house would dismantle our connection to the past:

“This house is a national monument, it requires ministerial consent which the developers don’t have,” he said.

Local rep Ciarán O’Meachair wants the Housing Minister to step in:

“There was due to be a vote on whether to protect the site in Dublin City Council this Monday,” he said.

“An Bord Pleanala were obviously aware of that, so they’ve decided to fast-track the decision to avoid any further controversy around it.

“I think that goes to show they know themselves how controversial this decision is.”

Sinn Féin TD, Chris Andrews, says Dublin City Council should never have given it’s recommendation to the development of the site.

“Dublin City Council should be protecting our culture and our heritage,” he said.

“This is a real slap in the face for the community, for our history and for people who care about our past.

“This house is so strongly connected with the O’Rahilly family, and the central role they played in our history.”

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