A Garda Sgt appeared in Blanchardstown Court last Friday. True to form of this Government and the media, this story is well kept off the Radar. It got a Mention in the Irish Star, by Michael O Toole this week, but no other paper gave it a run, Why?

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Fred is back: The serving Garda Sgt has been charged with sexually assaulting another female member of the Force. This man was not asked to make a plea in court on the day he was charged and he was released on bail for a date in October. It is alleged that the sexual assault happened in a bed at a house in South West Dublin on March 2nd. The Sgt is not based in West Dublin and he has an address in the South of the county. He is also a very well known figure in An Garda Siochana. Again I repeat or may I say ask the question: Where are the media; they have no problem dragging through the mud a homeless man who may have stolen a pint of cider but as far as An Gardai Siochana cases, they fail to report such cases and we must ask why?

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