Kinahan Cartel still playing a major role in Organised Drugs Crimes across Europe and beyond? Police Forces are putting the Links together, the Net is Closing? This Report is back to 2016.

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Ruthless Dutch gangsters who left severed head outside cafe linked to Kinahan gang

Sixteen people – including innocent victims caught in the crossfire – have died since the feud erupted two years ago

Christy Kinahan gang linked to Dutch mobsters

A murderous Dutch gang with ties to the Christy Kinahan cartel left the severed head of one of its victims in a bucket outside a cafe, according to reports.

The ruthless drug thugs also shot dead a mum while her children watched on.

The sickeningly bloody overseas feud is far more gruesome and bitter than the Kinahan-Hutch gangland war in Dublin.

But Christy Kinahan’s mob is closely aligned to the Dutch mobsters, the Herald reports.

One of the most shocking murders it was behind involved the decapitation of one gang member, whose severed head was placed in a bucket outside a cafe.

Sixteen people – including innocent people caught in the crossfire – have died since the feud erupted two years ago.

A source told the paper: “The links between these crime organisations is being actively investigated by police forces across Europe and has been for some time.

“It is well known that many of the key players in the cartel, including Freddie Thompson and Christy Kinahan Snr, have spent time living in Amsterdam.

“It is not believed that they have been active participants in The Netherlands feud – but investigations have established they are strongly linked to one side that has been involved in the bloodbath there and have been for a number of years.”

Five people have so far lost their lives in the Kinahan-Hutch feud in Spain and Dublin: Gary Hutch, David Byrne, Eddie Hutch Snr, Noel Duggan and Martin O’Rourke.

Flowers at the scene where Martin O’Rourke was shot several times at the junction of Sheriff Street and Oriel Street (Image: Philip Fitzpatrick)

The funeral of Mr O’Rourke, an innocent man with no involvement in gangland crime, takes place in Dublin this morning.

He was shot dead by a lone assassin on a push bike in Sheriff Street yesterday week.

The intended target was an enforcer for the Hutch gang.

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