This Tragic Murder case, will take time, and People to come forward with Information, to put these Thugs away for a long time?

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Suspected key member of gang in garda murder gets out of jail

Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe was shot dead by
                  Aaron Brady

Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe was shot dead by Aaron Brady  

September 21 2020 02:30 AM

Gardaí are on high alert after a chief suspect in the Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe murder investigation was released from prison.

The Irish Independent has learned that the dangerous criminal, aged in his early 30s, was released from a Dublin jail last Thursday after being held for several months.

The cross-border criminal is suspected of being a key member of the gang behind the credit union robbery during which Det Gda Donohoe (41) was shot dead seven years ago.

Last month the gunman, Aaron Brady (29), was found guilty of capital murder and will face the mandatory 40-year prison term when he is sentenced next month.


Gardaí are continuing their inquiries into the detective’s murder and are hopeful of bringing further charges against other gang members.

More than 20 people remain persons of interest, with five men formally classified as suspects. One of these is Suspect B, who was named during the murder trial as being centrally involved in the robbery.

He was on bail at the time of the murder and only months beforehand had directly threatened Det Gda Donohoe after being arrested by him. ADVERTISEMENT

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