As I said previously: This Rave was well planned, and probably more to come, around 150 to 200 young people, it is Reported, gathered on the Canal last night, near the Barge? Booze everywhere, no Social Distancing, not a Garda in sight. Some nights ago, while out for a late drive, stopped at Stephen’s Green, not a friendly Garda, but he muttered, you should not be out, we are trying to keep things to Minimum. Well the Barge was open Air Party last night? But dont forget D4 and D2 and the rest have Daddys with Connections? Selective Policing, Yes.

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Covid-rave DJ was paid €1,000 for flat complex gig

The Oliver Bond complex in Dublin city centre.
                Photo: Gareth Chaney/Collins

The Oliver Bond complex in Dublin city centre. Photo: Gareth Chaney/Collins

September 27 2020 02:30 AM

A DJ from Cabra was paid €1,000 to play at an outdoor rave at the Oliver Bond flat complex last weekend, which sparked outrage after a video of the party went viral.

It is understood that gardaí have now given “warnings” to several local people who were identified from the videos and also intend to speak to the DJ.

More than 100 people were in attendance.

Sources say that “at least half” of the revellers were from the Oliver Bond flat complex itself, as well as Crumlin and other parts of Dublin.

The rave was to mark the birthday of a local resident from the south inner city flats complex, sources say.

A female from Oliver Bond allowed the DJ to hook up his decks through her electricity line in her apartment.

Detectives from Kevin Street garda station are this weekend also monitoring rumours that another rave is planned in the same location.

“If the rumours are true, it will be shut down before it even has a chance to begin. That is guaranteed.

“We can’t have scenes like last weekend again,” said a security source. “Especially after the Taoiseach has just visited the place.”

Last Saturday night, the large group of teens gathered at a football pitch in the flat complex just hours after new Covid restrictions came into effect for the capital.

Families living in the area described how youths were urinating on the stairs of the flats and there was widespread drug-taking.

A source added: “The video was shocking given the new restrictions had just come in. But the outrage over the drug-taking was a bit of a surprise. Of course there would be drug-taking at a rave and there are drugs in every nightclub as well.

“A number of young people identified in the video have been spoken to about attending, given the lack of social distancing. And more people will be spoken to. At the moment, it is taking the form of a warning.”

Local Independent councillor Mannix Flynn said what happened was “the terrorising of a whole flats complex”.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin visited Oliver Bond flats on Thursday and committed to improving local facilities and ensuring a wider regeneration of the area.

Mr Martin promised to address the wider challenges facing the area as well as provide short-term help.

Community activist Liz O’Connor said she hoped the visit will lead to some changes in the area.

“I’m grateful to him for coming out. I told him when he came in: ‘It’s not a photo opportunity, you’re here for the people, not to get your photograph all over the papers.'”

Mr Martin pledged that local residents will have input into the regeneration plans.

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