Sadly Signs of Desperate Things to come. Business people are Trying hard to keep Staff employed, and stay on top. It will be a long and lonely Winter, a Global Depression could possibly happen, look out for the Elderly and Vulnerable.

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Donegal hotel offering €2 rooms to try get guests into restaurant

Hotels are allowed serve guests inside

A Donegal hotel is renting rooms for €2 in order to try fill up its restaurant for the weekend.

Under current Level 3 guidelines, which came into force at midnight for the county, restaurants and bars can serve 15 people in an outdoor setting

But hotels are allowed serve guests inside, leading to Beach Hotel Downings cutting the price of their rooms for the weekend.

In a Facebook post on Saturday morning, the hotel said that the offer is in place for this weekend only, and is aimed at locals, adding that it’s a way to “recoup our costs from stock ordered for the full house of residents that cancelled on Friday evening.”

Beach Hotel Downings (Photo: Google Maps)

It further added that it would be closing its doors on Monday until further notice.

The status reads: “Good morning facebookers… Under the government guidelines hotels are not closed, this offer was aimed to local people in the area.

“No one will be using the rooms it is merely a method to allow people to become a resident for a maximum period of 1 hour 45 minutes so they can avail of our dining and beverage services.

The post on Beach Hotel Downings’ Facebook page

  • “The government allows residents to be served inside and 15 non-residents outside. The hotel will be closed from Monday until further notice.

“This was merely a way to recoup our costs from stock ordered for the full house of residents that cancelled on Friday evening.

“The usual controlled Covid-19 social distancing restrictions apply.”

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