The Queen of Great Britain has Awarded a Irish Garda Commissioner the Queen’s Police Medal for his Sevices to Queen and Country – this must be the First of its kind in Ireland. The Blue Shirts who Appointed Drew Garda Commissioner must stand Proud, while the People of Eire stand Scratching their Heads,

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Garda Commissioner Drew Harris awarded for PSNI role in latest round of Queen’s honours

Harris’ award was announced in a statement by the Policing Authority this evening.

Jun 7th 2019, 10:58 PM 27,119 Views    Garda Commissioner
              Drew Harris (file photo) Garda Commissioner Drew Harris (file photo) Image: PA Wire/PA Images

GARDA COMMISSIONER DREW Harris has been awarded in this year’s Queen’s birthday honours list for his services to policing and the community in Northern Ireland.

Harris, who took up the role as head of An Garda Siochána last September, has been awarded the Queen’s Police Medal, which is awarded to officers in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for “gallantry or distinguished service”.

In a statement this evening, the Police Authority congratulated Harris on his award.

Harris started his career in Northern Ireland’s Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1983, before being appointed as Deputy Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 2014.

His appointment as Garda Commissioner in June last year was the first time someone from outside of the State was chosen to lead the force.

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